Saturday, April 30, 2011

@ screen print shirts!

Well, Dana makes everything look so easy. Oh, Dana, you can even rock out an amazing Freezer Paper Stencil for a DIY screen-print.

I have been wanting to try this so I finally gave it shot following all the steps in the tutorial I linked. My sis, Mandie skyped with me while I was doing this and gave me the idea of the @ symbol {too cute for Ave&Ander}.

I learned a lot doing Avery's first {cut so perfectly}. This is why Anderson's turned out a little better.
I think I found another obsession--I have a ton of things I wanna screen print now.
{crap, my house and kids are going to be covered in Tulip fabric paint. }

Yes, at midnight, I was impatient & blow dried it like Dana suggested for those impatient peeps.
Wah-Lah! {see how Avery's wasn't cut PERFECT} That's why you really have to cut so precise.
They love them! {& look cute to boot}!

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