Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebook Mama: 3

Okay, so it looks like I need to start watching the TV show Mobbed

Mobbed might be the coolest show on tv right now.
Mobbed TV Show - Enter the world of FOX's Mobbed TV series and learn more about characters, episodes, and cast.
    • Shannon Marshall Trying not to cry!
      Yesterday at 9:47pm ·
    • Mandie Lee Starkey It's amazing. I pretty much already cried!
      Yesterday at 9:48pm ·
    • Shannon Marshall im crying
      Yesterday at 9:49pm ·
    • Shannon Marshall Cant believe he arranged for her whole family & friends to be there!!
      Yesterday at 9:52pm ·
    • Mandie Lee Starkey I know- I am such a woman. I was just balling my eyes out haha. I hope every episode is this awesome. Let's find a local flash mob and participate so we can cry together :)
      Yesterday at 9:57pm ·
    • Katie Kattic Adcock Whats it about? Details
      Yesterday at 10:55pm ·
    • Lana Kattic Huffman I so agree ! wasn't it awesome ? I was actually crying !
      15 hours ago ·
    • Tracy Teston What girl wouldn't love that? Got all teary!
      14 hours ago ·

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