Thursday, March 31, 2011

The best treasures come from small towns.

Seriously, I forgot how much more fun work days in Roane County, Tennessee can be with a lil antique furniture/decor hunting.

Dear April 2011, I promise to find 1 new piece of something+redesign=so rewarding.

I guess I love finding old things because someone else's story was behind it. <3 that.

Just a re-cap of some old faves I have managed to come across then add my lil touch.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook Mama:2

Only those who 'get' Matilda Jane would get this. & of course, My Emily is my sidekick when it comes to this stuff.
entry 2:
'the teenage chase'
    • Ugh! Can't find my phone but there's a cute MA tee on plat right now...size 2. Been there for a few... $20. That's about all I saw from Plat I would buy this go round :)
      March 27 at 7:06pm · · · See Friendship
        • Katie Kattic Adcock ohh cute the house of clouds one? its in my cart! and i am gunna refresh
          March 27 at 7:09pm ·
        • Emily Grills Krieger's a darker blue MA...grabbed one in my cart. Want me to drop?
          March 27 at 7:09pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock i dunno? i grabbed the house of clouds one that joe is wearing on the blog?
          March 27 at 7:10pm ·
        • Emily Grills Krieger Counting to 10 and dropping
          March 27 at 7:10pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock haha okay --why arent you getting it?
          March 27 at 7:11pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock ohhh it is cute! i got it!!!
          March 27 at 7:11pm ·
        • Emily Grills Krieger Can't justify the shipping for a tee...thinking about the HoC Tee though...
          March 27 at 7:12pm ·
        • Emily Grills Krieger Oddly enough. haha
          March 27 at 7:12pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock haha whats it going to be after shipping and such...
          March 27 at 7:13pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock i have a HOC tee in my cart
          March 27 at 7:13pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock do you want it?
          March 27 at 7:13pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock i think i like the one you showed me better...i think it will be great for baseball for avery
          March 27 at 7:14pm ·
        • Emily Grills Krieger No...I grabbed one of those...still sitting in my cart...probably gonna pass :/
          March 27 at 7:15pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock i know-im debating too---okay-im gunna check out and see what it all adds up to be--theres a mom on MIS willing to trade the similar one for an item so i dunno? okay-thinking and THANKING you for letting me know
          March 27 at 7:16pm ·
        • Emily Grills Krieger The HOC one is alittle too Led Zeppelin (sp?) for my taste but I'd bet its super soft and comfy :)
          March 27 at 7:19pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock went the whole way to check out and passed--30.04 is just a lot for a tee that Avery can wear now, but Anderson can't wear for another 2 years. sighhh....thanks for letting me know that was fun :)
          March 27 at 7:20pm ·
        • Katie Kattic Adcock ‎& hahah it is very Led Zepllin-ishhh....might still be able to score one with a trade on MIS--she wants me to go through my 4s
          March 27 at 7:20pm ·

one of my favorite


i heart the infant stage don't get me wrong, but this transition is a top baby A-lister. becoming more interactive, playful, exploring foods, learning to move more. love, love, love it. love my Anderson & the sweet, big boy he is becoming.

p.s. why am i obsessed with wearing Anderson's socks like tube socks. Something about baby boys legs+80s tube socks=cutest thing ever. hummm, maybe i am on to a new sewing conspiracy. :)

Facebook Mama:1

Thought it would be cute to post some of my favorite facebook moments throughout the week. This could be things I convo/I comment on [insert note to self: " blog about later"] minus never having the time/energy later. OR it could be literally anything that catches my eye. It may involve other's names so if you find this does not respect your privacy, please let me know.

However, most things will be in a positive manner. & be a good chance to quickly copy and paste {oops, did I say that] some great people, things I love to buy and funny things we all love to hear. I think that faceboook has become the easiest way to share our lives---conveniently located on my iPhone, which connects to every person in my life, + other interests Ebay, Etsy, MIS, + fb fan pages, plus forum gossip. Eshhh, and I love my friends and family!

Sometimes, there will be things that no one else will get "but me." I think that keeps a journal-feel to all this blog stuff. You may not get it, you may if you were part of my day; either way--I promise only positive things that you posted publicly. Thank you Facebook.

Maybe I'll stay more blog-motivated this time around. [can you get in trouble for copying/pasting from facebook; i won't get sued will i] ;)
So here we go...

entry 1
'disney gets us every time.'

‎& she wasn't up 5 minutes & Tangled was back on... :)
13 hours ago · · ·
    • Kristyn Eckert Abby is obsessed with Tangled also. She says she wants to grow her hair as long a "Punzel"
      12 hours ago ·
    • Theresa Bridges East Macy wants "Punzel's big hair" too...haha.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Tracy Teston Saturday, she put on her wig and Emma called her Repunzel! She corrected her saying...No, Princess Repunzel! Put her crown on and said "there"!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Katie Kattic Adcock
      Avery loves "Miss Punzle" It started with "Miss Pretzel" our fist movie theater trip. T-see, they have the play hair at Wal-Mart. It is like the longest wig/mess ever. Macy would look Adorable in that! haha. Funny Tangled/hair moment while we are on it. When we took Avery to get her hair cut, I told her it was like the movie so I let her keep her "magic" hair in a bag that she carried for days. The cute hairdresser went with it too. Now she says she's Miss Punzel at the end. :) Love this age, huh guys?
      14 minutes ago ·

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Seriously, Avery cracks me up anymore. Today's top Avery moments:

1) This morning; "Oh no, no more smoothies, let me check though." [opens fridge]. "Nope, no more, mom has to get more at the store."
1.5) Avery pulls out play food from the freezer, "here Dad, I made you eggs; here mom, I made you pancakes and fruit." [when she put her play food in the freezer, I don't know]. {not paying attention mommy moment number 1,278}

2) Put her clothes on completely by herself (front head to foot). [insert huge smile] Mom high-fives and she yells, "I did it, I told you so!"

3) Pre-leaving for school+putting on her Tangled chapstick her YaYa just sent her. "Mom, I'll take these to school for my friends to wear too." [not such a good idea after just getting over the stomach bug; sweet idea though].

3) School drop off: Extremely proud of her brother; "this is MY baby brother, you like him?"

4) School drop off to Ms. Christina, "Hi, Miss Christina, you like my dress?" [as she does her lil model pose]. "It's Tangled day, daddy is getting it for me."

5) Avery gets in trouble at school. We ask her what happened. She says, "I threw rocks at Hunter." We ask why.[no Avery response]. Tomorrow, mommy will guide Avery on making an "I'm sorry note for Hunter." [love that kid].

6) Dinner time. Mommy is eating and talking to Anderson to keep him calm. [he whines the whole time we eat real food]. Avery quote one, "awh, poor brother, I think he wants some." Avery quote 2, "Mom, chew your food first, then talk to brother." [sigh, she can be so bossy, but she was RIGHT].

She may drive me crazy sometimes, but I just love to see what comes next from that kid. Her uniqueness and zest for life inspires me to be a better person.