Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Facebook Mama:1

Thought it would be cute to post some of my favorite facebook moments throughout the week. This could be things I convo/I comment on [insert note to self: " blog about later"] minus never having the time/energy later. OR it could be literally anything that catches my eye. It may involve other's names so if you find this does not respect your privacy, please let me know.

However, most things will be in a positive manner. & be a good chance to quickly copy and paste {oops, did I say that] some great people, things I love to buy and funny things we all love to hear. I think that faceboook has become the easiest way to share our lives---conveniently located on my iPhone, which connects to every person in my life, + other interests Ebay, Etsy, MIS, + fb fan pages, plus forum gossip. Eshhh, and I love my friends and family!

Sometimes, there will be things that no one else will get "but me." I think that keeps a journal-feel to all this blog stuff. You may not get it, you may if you were part of my day; either way--I promise only positive things that you posted publicly. Thank you Facebook.

Maybe I'll stay more blog-motivated this time around. [can you get in trouble for copying/pasting from facebook; i won't get sued will i] ;)
So here we go...

entry 1
'disney gets us every time.'

‎& she wasn't up 5 minutes & Tangled was back on... :)
13 hours ago · · ·
    • Kristyn Eckert Abby is obsessed with Tangled also. She says she wants to grow her hair as long a "Punzel"
      12 hours ago ·
    • Theresa Bridges East Macy wants "Punzel's big hair" too...haha.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Tracy Teston Saturday, she put on her wig and Emma called her Repunzel! She corrected her saying...No, Princess Repunzel! Put her crown on and said "there"!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Katie Kattic Adcock
      Avery loves "Miss Punzle" It started with "Miss Pretzel" our fist movie theater trip. T-see, they have the play hair at Wal-Mart. It is like the longest wig/mess ever. Macy would look Adorable in that! haha. Funny Tangled/hair moment while we are on it. When we took Avery to get her hair cut, I told her it was like the movie so I let her keep her "magic" hair in a bag that she carried for days. The cute hairdresser went with it too. Now she says she's Miss Punzel at the end. :) Love this age, huh guys?
      14 minutes ago ·

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