Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Seriously, Avery cracks me up anymore. Today's top Avery moments:

1) This morning; "Oh no, no more smoothies, let me check though." [opens fridge]. "Nope, no more, mom has to get more at the store."
1.5) Avery pulls out play food from the freezer, "here Dad, I made you eggs; here mom, I made you pancakes and fruit." [when she put her play food in the freezer, I don't know]. {not paying attention mommy moment number 1,278}

2) Put her clothes on completely by herself (front head to foot). [insert huge smile] Mom high-fives and she yells, "I did it, I told you so!"

3) Pre-leaving for school+putting on her Tangled chapstick her YaYa just sent her. "Mom, I'll take these to school for my friends to wear too." [not such a good idea after just getting over the stomach bug; sweet idea though].

3) School drop off: Extremely proud of her brother; "this is MY baby brother, you like him?"

4) School drop off to Ms. Christina, "Hi, Miss Christina, you like my dress?" [as she does her lil model pose]. "It's Tangled day, daddy is getting it for me."

5) Avery gets in trouble at school. We ask her what happened. She says, "I threw rocks at Hunter." We ask why.[no Avery response]. Tomorrow, mommy will guide Avery on making an "I'm sorry note for Hunter." [love that kid].

6) Dinner time. Mommy is eating and talking to Anderson to keep him calm. [he whines the whole time we eat real food]. Avery quote one, "awh, poor brother, I think he wants some." Avery quote 2, "Mom, chew your food first, then talk to brother." [sigh, she can be so bossy, but she was RIGHT].

She may drive me crazy sometimes, but I just love to see what comes next from that kid. Her uniqueness and zest for life inspires me to be a better person.

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