Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner at Eight.

I am SO excited that despite Rebekah's crazy busy life, she is bringing back dinner at eight. 
As per her blog, A Bit of Sunshine, she notes that "Dinner at Eight is a special monthly project born out of desire to be more intentional about dating our husbands during this crazy season of life with very young children and not a lot of extra means to afford hiring babysitters and going out to dinner on a regular basis."

A few months ago, I started my own version of this and added a twist that it didn't have to include dinner.  Chris and I would rotate out each week and on a night that he was off work.  Because we don't have weekends together, I thought this would bring the dating feeling back to our lives.  It only lasted a few times b/c like anything else with a family with young ones, it is a commitment.  I remember how excited I was about my turn---our very first at home date night---Spa Night.  Of course, I went all out and transformed our bedroom suite into a spa.  We had & escaped from our everyday routine.

When it is was Chris' turn, he knew how much I was dying to paint something in our house.  We painted the laundry room together and he did El Charro pick-up {our favorite Mexican}.  Cuteness.
  So anyways, as I said...we made it a few times and then what always happens does.  
I AM thrilled that Rebekah is bringing this back starting in February because I need a good kick in the tush to motivate me in this area of life.  I suggest you check out her blog and think about participating too.  I know a lot of couples with kids.
who are busy. 
who put their kids first. 
who need a date night. 

Get creative in love! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


& closer.
to the 2 of these babes being the bestest of friends.

its one of the most important things to me.
{to teach A&A to take care of one another}
help one another,
because someday, it will mean more to them than i explain now.

& how cute did these i.heart.east.tennessee shirts turn out? oh, my, i need to make myself one.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

american honey

this time next week I will be sitting next to a four year old.
shewww, {that happened quick}.

Monday, January 9, 2012

{babies back to school}

I thought this would be some post about at least my Anderson crying and holding my leg for dear life.
Both A&A did fabulous this morning.  This is Anderson's first experience at a daycare while Avery is in the preschool class.  {so glad they are in the same program}.
He walked in, checked out a few toys then spotted 7 other boys {yes, ALL boys}? and had a seat to eat some breakfast. I gave him big hugs and kisses and he plopped a pineapple in his mouth :)

Avery's biggest concern was "when I hear my brother crying, can I go to the baby room and see if he is okay?"
{she is becoming such a fabulous big sister}.

Here is hoping there day stays great.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

next direct {high quality & affordable clothing}

I LOVE Next Direct. Next is a UK based retailer that has expanded International and offers online US shopping and shipping. Speaking of shipping, costs are normally a flat $5 rate OR Free.  Right now, they are offering free shipping, but even at $5 it makes it quite the deal for online shopping.  You receive your items SO FAST.  Every time I have ordered something, I have received it within 3 days maximum.  <3 it, <3 it.  

Here is what sold me about Next Direct.  I purchased Anderson these sleeveless onesies OR "vests" as Next calls them.  You receive a 5 pack for $15-17 dependent on size.  These have been my favorite onesies ever!  They are so nice to wear under shirts, jammies, etc., and don't make baby too hot.  However, they prevent that baby bell pooch from popping out of a tee. ;) 

Their first series of Spring 2012 has been released so I did a little of wish-list shopping for the kids.  Here is what I picked out for the babies.  There are so many different styles to choose from.  Whether it be casual, dressy, trendy, or conservative---Next Direct has affordable and high quality clothing.  They also have men and women's clothing, shoes, accessories, but I have only purchased for A&A. I promise you will not be disappointed! 


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

change.thru.choice {new job}

yesterday was my first day at The Solution Source, LLC., an outpatient behavioral health facility. I will be working as a Case Manager over Knox & Anderson counties. If you are interested in Case Management, check this section of our website. We provide very extensive CM services that fosters a holistic approach {something I love}.  Oh and peep out the staff---looks like my name is already on there ;)

Day 1 went great and there was the usual overload of information, explanation of paperwork, procedures, etc.  For the past 5 years, my social work practice has been with adults with disabilities and my new population with be primarily children with behavioral & related systematical problems.  I say systematical because with every child is a set of parents, guardians, etc.  By working with the child, I will be working with the system as a whole.

i look forward to the challenge and hope this is yet another career that helps me grow as an individual & mother.  i hope to quickly gain confidence and expertise in this new role and serve others as i would want service to myself. 


Sunday, January 1, 2012


After seeing my sister's post, I decided to do the same.

Farewell 2011--a year of ups and downs, goodbyes and hellos, and more learning, loving, and creating.

in january I i was on maternity leave from just having Anderson in December 2010.  Avery turned 3 & chose the theme of her birthday party for the first time, a tea party.

in february I i went back to work with A&A at two different daycare providers.  I felt like my life was spent in a car.  Chris had a birthday and we tried to stay warm.

in march I i pretty much just worked and took care of the kids.  Anderson was finally sleeping through the night at this point so sleep became more normal. i began taking this blog more seriously. ;)

in april I we went to my mom and dad's for Easter.  Avery went to an egg-drop and will forever think that the Easter bunny flies around in a helicopter. To this day, when she sees one, she yells, "look, its the Easter bunny!"

in may I i rushed around getting work done earlier in the month for a beach vacation with my whole family at surfside beach{outside myrtle beach}. LOVED that place! this was Avery's first "real" beach experience as she went as a baby.

in june I i started lots of pool time with the kids.  avery started swimming without floaties and getting SO good. i had my swanky baby vintage hiring show and my sister came to visit with my niece, Madison.  we played a lot---Farmer's Market, World's Fair Park, etc. i found out i got the swanky baby vintage consultant position to cover Knoxville and surrounding areas.  i had resigned from my job as an independent support coordinator to stay home with the kids & do SBV.

in july I i officially became a SAHM. Avery & I watched fireworks from our front-yard and she was amazed. I visited my mom and dad, spent a lot of time with bebe at her pool, ate lots of watermelon, zucchini and squash. I loved July 2011.  It is one of my favorite months of my whole life. perfect.

in august I i began my first season with swanky baby vintage. opening day was amazing and i had several of my first trunk shows.  i loved making everything look pretty and meeting new friends.

in september I i took in every last possible day at the pool. i finally had a routine day with the kids and a good cliental established for swanky. summer became fall and fall DIY decor was in full effect.

in october I i visited my mom and dad's house where my sisters, niece, and grandma were also visiting.  we had an awesome visit full of crafting, a fall festival, the girls went to see Disney Live, and lots of wine and laughs. Halloween was a blast as Avery was so into it.

in november I i found out that swanky was going 100% wholesale and doing without consultants.  this was rather disappointing to me; however, around the same time, I met a lovely women at wal-mart who reminded me why i love practicing social work so much.  i visited my mom and dad again, applied for jobs and nailed an interview.

in december I i got a new job {which I start later this week}, played Santa Claus and had a wonderful holiday at my mom and dad's with my lovely sisters and niece.  Most importantly, Anderson had his first birthday and began walking.

Here's to 2012.  I am hoping it is a little more stable and less of a roller-coaster ride.  As much as I loved 2011, it brought a lot of instability, & broken relationships that will forever effect myself and family. Cheers to New Years!