Sunday, January 1, 2012


After seeing my sister's post, I decided to do the same.

Farewell 2011--a year of ups and downs, goodbyes and hellos, and more learning, loving, and creating.

in january I i was on maternity leave from just having Anderson in December 2010.  Avery turned 3 & chose the theme of her birthday party for the first time, a tea party.

in february I i went back to work with A&A at two different daycare providers.  I felt like my life was spent in a car.  Chris had a birthday and we tried to stay warm.

in march I i pretty much just worked and took care of the kids.  Anderson was finally sleeping through the night at this point so sleep became more normal. i began taking this blog more seriously. ;)

in april I we went to my mom and dad's for Easter.  Avery went to an egg-drop and will forever think that the Easter bunny flies around in a helicopter. To this day, when she sees one, she yells, "look, its the Easter bunny!"

in may I i rushed around getting work done earlier in the month for a beach vacation with my whole family at surfside beach{outside myrtle beach}. LOVED that place! this was Avery's first "real" beach experience as she went as a baby.

in june I i started lots of pool time with the kids.  avery started swimming without floaties and getting SO good. i had my swanky baby vintage hiring show and my sister came to visit with my niece, Madison.  we played a lot---Farmer's Market, World's Fair Park, etc. i found out i got the swanky baby vintage consultant position to cover Knoxville and surrounding areas.  i had resigned from my job as an independent support coordinator to stay home with the kids & do SBV.

in july I i officially became a SAHM. Avery & I watched fireworks from our front-yard and she was amazed. I visited my mom and dad, spent a lot of time with bebe at her pool, ate lots of watermelon, zucchini and squash. I loved July 2011.  It is one of my favorite months of my whole life. perfect.

in august I i began my first season with swanky baby vintage. opening day was amazing and i had several of my first trunk shows.  i loved making everything look pretty and meeting new friends.

in september I i took in every last possible day at the pool. i finally had a routine day with the kids and a good cliental established for swanky. summer became fall and fall DIY decor was in full effect.

in october I i visited my mom and dad's house where my sisters, niece, and grandma were also visiting.  we had an awesome visit full of crafting, a fall festival, the girls went to see Disney Live, and lots of wine and laughs. Halloween was a blast as Avery was so into it.

in november I i found out that swanky was going 100% wholesale and doing without consultants.  this was rather disappointing to me; however, around the same time, I met a lovely women at wal-mart who reminded me why i love practicing social work so much.  i visited my mom and dad again, applied for jobs and nailed an interview.

in december I i got a new job {which I start later this week}, played Santa Claus and had a wonderful holiday at my mom and dad's with my lovely sisters and niece.  Most importantly, Anderson had his first birthday and began walking.

Here's to 2012.  I am hoping it is a little more stable and less of a roller-coaster ride.  As much as I loved 2011, it brought a lot of instability, & broken relationships that will forever effect myself and family. Cheers to New Years!


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  1. such an inspiration. Love you Katie K, even if it's been a lifetime since I've seen you, you are still in my heart!

    Much Love,