Wednesday, January 4, 2012

change.thru.choice {new job}

yesterday was my first day at The Solution Source, LLC., an outpatient behavioral health facility. I will be working as a Case Manager over Knox & Anderson counties. If you are interested in Case Management, check this section of our website. We provide very extensive CM services that fosters a holistic approach {something I love}.  Oh and peep out the staff---looks like my name is already on there ;)

Day 1 went great and there was the usual overload of information, explanation of paperwork, procedures, etc.  For the past 5 years, my social work practice has been with adults with disabilities and my new population with be primarily children with behavioral & related systematical problems.  I say systematical because with every child is a set of parents, guardians, etc.  By working with the child, I will be working with the system as a whole.

i look forward to the challenge and hope this is yet another career that helps me grow as an individual & mother.  i hope to quickly gain confidence and expertise in this new role and serve others as i would want service to myself.