Meet Avery: 

Man, oh Man.  How do I even describe my Ave O Liv. 
She has more passion for life than I do. {says constant things like, "I love you, you're my best friend (to any kid she is playing with} It's a beautiful day."  I adore Avery's innocence for life being all good. {It will break my heart one day when she is hit hard though]. 

She is smart, eloquent {even at the age of 3} & has the memory of an elephant. 
She prefers staying active & would rather see how long she can hold her breath under water than color a picture.  
She can swing so high it scares me. 

She combos kisses and hugs into one {"mama, give me a kiss-hug}. 
She is a gift-giver like her mama. {sometimes its random things, but she always takes care of her friends}.

She loves music {any kind}, but cool music like Daft Punk, Matisyahu, but can rock out some Alvin & the Chipmunks too. 
She wants to learn how to play the guitar & piano. 

She is gaining an amazing sense of self-style {sometimes its rain boots with a dress up outfit and cool head-band, but BOY does she rock it}. 
She is so unique and I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming. 

Meet Anderson: 

At 7 months {time of writing this}, it is weird to say that "I know this little man, but still getting to know him."  
Anderson Mark is a big ole' love-bug.  He knows how to give kisses and hugs already, loves to cuddle, and giggles away at "this little piggy" on those baby toes. 

He is so chill, happy-go-lucky & easy to please, 
but already my sneaky little booger.  
{I find him under furniture, laying on his back holding an Ikea plastic kid chair & taking apart Avery's toys}. 

He is my baby who LOVES food & pooping.  {seriously, this boy can eat, poop, eat, poop, nap, repeat}. 
He adores his WHOLE family & especially his sissy.  She could do the stupidest silliest thing and he baby giggles. 
He doesn't mind {nor cry, yes I am blessed} anywhere we go.  

I am pretty sure he is going to take life to the fullest like his sis. 
My Ander-man is my last {by choice} so I tend to hold him more which is making him what some call "a mama's boy." {I'll deal with that later should it get out of hand}. 
He's going big places like sis. 

I hope these two grow up to be the best of friends.  
looks like we are getting there :)