Wednesday, November 30, 2011


yeah, wow. I went on my first job interview in ummm {a lot of years}.
i was nervous, very, very nervous.  
i am so insecure until i get that total reassurance factor. 
{maybe its the middle child syndrome in me}? OR maybe its anyone? {during my google+search+interview}, I realized the 'nervous' feeling is total human nature. 

Regardless, it went really well. 
My 'interviewer' noted that my resume spoke for itself which was a really uplifting compliment. 
I am not going to lie, I worked my booty off in college 
{& sometimes wished I partied a little more hardy}. Its okay though, I did have my fun, but kept my dedication to the reason for being there. I worked hard, served hard, and loved even harder. 
{something I hope my own children will do too}. & I was lucky enough to 

Regardless of what happens, I loved today.
{I got a super sweet vibe} 
& the thought of providing private therapy excites me! 
I loved the challenge today brought & for a long time, appreciated that people really believe in that 'bachelors level.' 

I have so many emotions running through this blood-o-mine.  Keeping 2 beautiful kiddos under the age of 3 in line, trying to go back to work, keeping my marriage going, etc.  It's funny, the other day I was sitting around & realized that the last "date" my husband & I have been on was when we were at the beach, & before that was his 30th birthday. {WOW}. However, thats okay. 'Cuz I take full responsibility for accepting my our decisions as it comes to "us." We love our children.  We are okay with putting them first and some people just don't. {& thats okay, because we are all in our own situation}. 
{WOW, rambling}. 
Bottom line is that I am glad to be easy to please.  
My husband joined me with a glass of wine, errr or a few bottles & a nice dance party & I was in "awe" again. 
{sorta thought I was @ a frat party, but not gonna lie, loveeeed it}. 

Ironically, should I get this 'job,' I will be providing a lot of therapy as it relates to the family systems theory. 
'enough said. 


Monday, November 28, 2011

aVERY thankful giveaway winner!

Congratulations, Amanda! Both myself & Millie Morgan Media will be contacting you :) 
Happy Monday morning, folks! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ah, ha! she's a yellow hostess casserole dish

...a Yellow 015, 1 1/2 Qt, with 515 lid.  It also has "T.M. REG." {more on that later}

after I did a little research, I found the Corelle Corner, which offers all the history of Pyrex.  Here is what I found...

These were actually the last pieces made in the 40s, which makes this the 5th oldest Pyrex & the oldest one in my collection! 
The other oldest include: 

Remember how I mentioned the T.M. Reg? I thought that could mean something, but it really doesn't mean much as it relates to this particular piece.  I did find out that the "older set of the primary bowls because the sets from the 1940s were not numbered on the bottom. Since your set does not have numbers on the bottom look for the markings T.M. REG. in an arch above PYREX and U.S. PAT. OFF below in an upward facing arch. The later sets from the 1950s – 1970s do have numbers."  This is where T.M. REG. is more important.  However, it is fun to notice some of my pieces from the years after the 40s do not even have T.M. REG. on them. 

Also, while researching I came across some great advertisements.  Specifically, the "hostess" collection was advertised in the LIFE Magazine September 19, 1949 issue: 

& here is a better photo of the advertisement & another fabulous ad I found:

Can you believe those prices? o.m.g. love it!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY gift-giving {vintage lace doily monograms}

I just love handmade gifts.
{most of my friends & family know that b/c thats normally what they get}.
there is something about a handmade gift that more shows thought, love, & a 'lil elbow grease.

for under $10, these make great gifts.
{under $5 if all you need to purchase is the letter}.
i was lucky enough to receive a HUGE bag of vintage lace doilies from my mom.


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

thrift find of a lifetime {sweet pickles}& who was Mabel N?

I wish all my readers would be as giddy as me right now.
{it's okay though, I know most don't get it}.

Let's flashback a 'lil to the year of 1987.
{all I remember is just getting my tonsils out &
sitting on our window seat WAITING for the Sweet Pickles
truck to show up at my house}.
Now that I am a parent, I get so many things I otherwise would not}.
THANK YOU Mom&Dad for giving me the 'best of things' while sacrificing so much. 

& now that I have my own children, I know what a big deal 
this was for my parent's to do for me.
{no pickle van, just a UPS man {or something similar} ringing our door-bell}.
From a 'memory' stand-point, this is my favorite mail delivery memory.
{2nd in line was the Michael Jackson 'Bad' album}.

Okay, let's fast forward 21 years.
{I have my 1st chid, a sweet little girl named Avery}.
I knew that I wanted some Sweet Pickles for her & any other children to come...
About a year ago, I become a 'tad obsessed' stalking anything Sweet Pickles related for the Aves.

Okay, back to 2011. 11/22 to be exact {ironic date actually & no need for an explanation there}. 
Anderson & I were out&about junkin' while Avery was @ her MDO {Mother's Day Out}, and I saw her....
At the current time, I could only find 1 on eBay.  It is probably worth more than mine b/c it has the 'complete' card set & the stickers for the box...

& here is a little history 
{if I haven't' lost you yet}...

You can view more at the official Sweet Pickles website. 
For now, while most of you are about to get 'your shopping on' for Black Friday, I am drooling over that 'lil green box. 
{& keeping thy fingers crossed for stickers&more}. 

If you made it this far, I know you either 1) remember Sweet Pickles OR 2) remember anything from your childhood that 'made' you. 
I know that my parents 'made me who I am,' but 'maybe' Sweet Pickles & the lessons, morals, and activities had just a 'lil to do with it? I'd like to think so. 

...have to share my newest Pyrex find. 
{at $7, she is a vintage A-1 yellow casserole dish}. 
I was at an antique store and after the lady showed me all the Pyrex she had, 
I knew there was another in my distance.  
{I said 'thank you, I am still gonna look around'} 
then dashed over and grabbed her.

Here is the coolest part about her...
{killed me to take this off when cleaning}

& I know she has to be a rare one, because I only found 1 pop up on the 'Bay.

I won't be getting rid of her anytime soon! 
If anyone knows anything about this piece, feel free to shoot me an email @


Partying at the following rad places..

Thanksgiving Tutorial {super simple fabric garland}.

Do you just love a particular fabric?
{something that you think would tie in your Holiday decor}?

Try this out...super easy & beginner sewing level.
{forgot to add a very important point, DO NOT BACKSTITCH YOUR GATHERING STITCH}.

I won't be getting rid of her anytime soon! 
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving friends! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

upcycle upload week!

WOW, I am so thankful for the response I have had on Facebook during my 1st ever upcycle upload week.  I decided to do this in celebration of the holiday season & the because its the biggest shopping week of the year.  {I think}? ha!

Despite several requests, I have decided to not do any customs at this time.
{this takes the fun out of it for me & I just get burnt out}.
Apologies, but sincere thanks to those who have sought interest.

However, its only mid-week and there will be lots more pretties!
{Some of which are a little more edgy and not your "typical" Holiday colors}.
My kinda thing...


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

aVERY Thankful Giveaway!

So much to be thankful for...
& to my followers {and hopefully new ones}, I just wanted to say thanks! I am teaming up with Millie Morgan Media and giving away one of my velvet pillow covers & a custom made bow headband from MMM.  
In addition, Millie Morgan Media has her own additional giveaway going on so make sure to check her out.

This pillow cover just happens to make sense with all that is going on in both mine & so many people's little worlds.
We cannot forge to be there for one another.
& {hold hands}.

here are the rules:
1. follow my blog
2. leave a comment
extra entry-Follow Millie Morgan Media 

giveaway ends 11/27 
{winner will be announced after thanksgiving weekend, monday 11/28}


Sunday, November 20, 2011

get out the map {get out the map}

& lay your finger anywhere down
{We'll leave the figuring to those we pass on our way out of town}
Don't drink the water there seems to be something ailing everyone 
I'm gonna clear my head
{I'm gonna drink that sun}
I'm gonna love you good and strong
while our love is good and young. 
-Indigo Girls 

I cannot look at a map & not think of that song.  I wanted to sing it out loud when I saw it at Goodwill on 50% off Saturday. 
{that made it $1}. 

I came home, unrolled it and said, "Look Aves, we are going to learn some Geography!" 
{as I glanced at my walls wondering where I was going to put this HUGE map}. 
Eghhh, wasn't gonna work like I planned. 
{never does, only works out better

Can you believe I still use this $4 hot glue gun from like the year after college? 
{this one is for you, sis; a new & improved GLUE PLATE}! 

& thats all it took--some cutting, folding, and hot gluing. 
Ironically, every time I hear the song "Get Out the Map," I think of my BFF, Meghan.  
{who also happens to have the cutest tattoo of Tennessee with a heart on the city of Nashville}. 
This totally inspired my next step. 
I had to remove the map from the window, then re-glue.
{why do I always think of things after the fact}?
I grabbed me some scissors, black felt, & the hot glue again. 
A little heart where all our family loves are. <3 & PS Tattoo BFF girl also took those prints that I framed...
& I always loved this photo I took & felt it had a new home now.  

So...go find you an old window, a map, felt & some hot glue!