Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wow, after over a year, I finally got the guts to do an upcycle dress for Avery. I found a very easy pattern/tutorial via the world.wide.web.
Can we just say how I love thee?

With almost any project, there are some things I would have changed.
1) No red/white sleeves {wish I would have done plain grey, yellow, something plain}.
They are so referee/pirate looking...bummer.
2) A size 5 length. {should have kept pattern as is, but sized up on the length}; I forget how tall Avery is.

Avery laughed when she saw it and said, "thats not my dress, thats daddy's shirt!" {haha it is an old Daddy work shirt}.

There will be lots more of these in variations to come....already thinking about Goodwill today
{1/2 price day, yes please}.

Thanks for letting me share and when I have the time, I will show you a tutorial to do this yourself.

If you haven't tried lollipops for 8:30 am bribery photos, I highly suggest it. 



  1. so cute, please make a tutorial or share the pattern :) so cute. dying to make mad a batman one :)

  2. Very cute! Where did you learn to use a sewing machine, BTW? Teach yourself? Or take classes?

  3. You are so creative :) ..... How cute is our Aves ???

  4. You are indeed SO creative! I love this. Thanks for linking it up and sharing :)

  5. I would also love for you to do a tutorial or share the pattern because I agree it is very cute!


  6. This is amazing! And she is precious. Found you at Imperfectly Inspired and am now your newest follower...loving your blog!