Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Decor Part 1: DIY leaf art

Found this fabulous antique wood frame for only $3 at an antique store in Lenoir City, TN.
{man, I miss getting to drive around all these beautiful small towns}.                                          
Use a small eye hook on each side; then wire wrapped about twice through & around keeping it nice & tight
Use basic acrylic paint to paint a variety of leaves from your own trees {magnolia ones work best--luckily we live in the south}
Hang your leaves using the same wire {wrap carefully around stem, then onto main wire}
Had a few extra leaves so I wrapped more wire around the stems, then used "look-alike twine yarn" and wrapped & wrapped.
Tied this one the pumpkin stem. 

This is a simple & thrifty way to do something different for your fall outdoor decor.  Over the next few weeks, I will slowly be showing all my projects including my referbished bench I got off Craigslist {yes, there is an app for that}.

Until then, I hope you find the time to do this yourself!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

The other night I was on Pinterest & COLOURlovers looking for some fall decor inspiration.  COLOURlovers turned into much more than fall inspiration.  After I played around and made an account, I designed my fall color pallet, which lead to creating a ton of patterns around those colors! O.M.G. This is like a wannabe fashion/fabric designer's dream! I cannot believe the talent some of the members have on this page.  Before I knew it, I was getting hearts on my color pallet and patterns; now comments, messages, etc.  I began doing the same & feel like I am in a whole new creative community.

What makes it SO fun is the naming part.  If the color you create does not have a name {i.e., you are the first one to create this color, you get to name it}.  Also, when designing patterns, {talk about talented designers who pre-make these}, you get to name that design.  SO.MUCH.FUN.

I would like to introduce you to one of my color pallets & coordinating patterns: Baby Boy.  {this is my direct profile, JOIN, and come play along with me}. :)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

a BEST FRIEND kinda weekend!

Between Market Square & a farm in Sweetwater, Tennessee, I have to think Avery is one happy girl.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whats REALLY going on.

I was very excited about taking Avery to the library to get her first library card.  For a few days, we talked about all the library rules {be quiet, be gentle with the books, we borrow them,etc}. So I would love to tell you this cute story about Avery loving story time and sitting sweet & listening, then how she stood patiently while the librarian got her a card, bla bla bla.  {Okay, super moms who have the perfect story, share your tricks}. 
Story time; Avery: "Mom, she is scaring me" {in a NOT SO quiet voice} 
"Mom, she is really scary looking, I don't like it in here, lets go look at books." 
Me: "Avery, "shhhh" hunnie, we have to be quiet and thats not nice." 
Avery: "But mom, she is just scary looking." 
{Story time lady tries to stay focused, but secretively is hating my kid right now}. 
Phew, this ends quickly & we are off to do the whole "awhh, your first library card" thing. 
Librarian: "Awh, Hi Avery, are you here to get your first card?" 
Avery: "Yes, but I just want to go read books."  
Librarian: "Okay, this will just be a few minutes while your mom fills this out, mom do you have a card?" 
Me: "yes." 
Librarian: "Oh I see you have moved, we need to update you in the system as this doesn't match the address on Avery's card application." 
Avery: "Mom, come on, I just want to read books, I don't need a card!!" 
Librarian: "Now Avery, you have to be quiet in the library." 
Avery: "I know, I know, Pepa Pig's dad said that, but I just want to go read books." 
{25 minutes later and her face shows her excitement for her card}. 
Enter Children's book area. 
Avery: "Oh hi guys do you want to play books with me?" {to like 8 year olds} 
Kids: "giggle, giggle." 
Avery: "Mom, they don't want to play books with me." 
Me: "thats because we read nice and quiet here, come on, sit with me on this couch and I will read you this one." 
Avery: "No mom, I will read mine to you!" 
{sighhhh, you don't know how to read yet Avery} 
Me: I let her.  She flips through pages, pretends like she is reading the story, I encourage, say "awh good job." 
{She picks out 4 books and we leave} 
{Hallelujah, I was sweating like Pepa-Pig up in there}

Anderson gets 2 firsts--his first pair of Chucks, aka Converse & his first pair of MJ straightees.  I never really liked Straightees on Avery, but let me tell ya, I love them on Anderson.  No wonder all those mamas snatch them up for little guys.

He hates his shoes.
He sat on the floor for an hour crying, trying to pull them off, staring at them, eating them, anything he could do to get out of them.
{This will take time}.

But he sure is cute, isn't he? Like a ridiculous version of my mom with my dad's eye color & my hub's lips. His hair is blonde, but sometimes tints of red like his Bebe's come out. & then sometimes, he make's a face and looks just like Chris' dad. Crazy how genetics work.

& Thanks to his Aunt Mandie for his hilarious Popeye shirt.
I look excited.
He looks confused.
I guess thats Parenting.  We want to catch so many memories and have a perfect vision of how it should be. 
However, if it was perfect, we wouldn't be able to look back and laugh, right? 
I always say, "man, sometimes I wish Avery was a bump-on-a-log kinda kid." 
{just in my frustrated mommy moments}
However, I wouldn't change her for the world. Her personality shows so many qualities like the lovely women in my family; she's smart, outgoing, caring, playful, talkative, theatrical, & eccentric. 
{so don't judge a mama who is just trying to do her best}.

Friday, September 23, 2011

tutorial & giveaway: Fancy Knee-socks!

Both myself & Ave-O-Liv LOVEEEEE us some knee socks.  Honestly, if I wasn't 28, I would still be wearing some!
I am not sure what I love more; knee socks? OR leg warmers?

So in honor of my LOVE for anything that covers a leg & this newfound discovery of making knee-socks myself, I will be giving a pair away!  So read up on my tutorial & then see how to enter for your chance to win a pair :)

& now onto the Giveaway...
one lucky FOLLOWER will receive a pair of sweet little girls knee socks 
{dark purple lace & pretty vintage style buttons} 


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Fancy This

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DiY European looking boy onesie {think Oilily}.

I just love how this vision and sketch turned out---exactly how I wanted it {tickled, tickled}.
Step 1; pretty much follow the previous tutorial here: @ Screen Print Shirts

After this was done & completely following the previous tutorial, I used red corduroy fabric and heat and bond to put the red fabric around the screen-print appliqué.  {time consuming}.

Next, i just went to town with a zig-zag stitch {adjusted width on the machine to get a smaller zig-zag}.  It was fun not making the stitching perfect, because I was going for an "un-perfect" look.  How fun to make some areas heavy top stitched and some areas with barely any.  {gosh, I love European designers and their funkiness}.

did some red-star cut outs with the same Red Corduroy material & used heat and bond for some appliqué' knee-patches.  {Think Boden on these}.

 wa-la, you have a cute European {Oilily wanna-be onesie} for about 10% the cost.
....& I must add that he looks so darn cute :)

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Monday, September 19, 2011

each day, you better think twice.

Floral design taken from Lauren Moorhouse via Stylesight blog.
Edited by me-oh-my via good ole Picnik. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Swanky Updates

For the remainder of September, Swanky Baby Vintage is offering a Customer Appreciation Special!

This is a great time to get some fall shopping done, host a no-hassle VIRTUAL SHOW 
OR grab me while you can during the last week of the month for an in-home show.
As a hostess, you earn the same rewards and your guests get free month off purchases--everyone wins!

Do you just want to order? That is fine too!  Just do so at & use the PROMO CODES at check out.

So who needs some updates?
Lets see what I can give you....
October 14th-2nd release PRE-ORDER day! This is the same as the August 2nd PRE-ORDER day.  This means that you should expect longer delivery time, as these are pre-orders and not officially in stock yet.
October 28th-2nd release opening Trunk Show day! {will share that information very, very soon}. It shall be good, I promise! 

Now for the good stuff, what will 2nd release include? 
Here is what Corporate has told us: 
-New Peasant Skirt {new colors}
-Yoke tee {new colors}
-Maddie's dress
-New Knit style dress
-Single Ruffle Leggings
-New Top
-Faith's Favorite Peasant-Floral Grass
-Knit jacket {YES}!
-Yoke dress {new colors}
-Mya's dress {new colors}
-Brown polka dot triple ruffle leggings

November 1st {or very, very soon after}: HOLIDAY RELEASE 
-Very small collection, 5 girl items
-1 boys tie

I highly suggest you consider booking a VIRTUAL SHOW on Pre-Order day OR that week. We had an incredible response during our first premiere and this is a great way to earn free and 1/2 off clothes! In addition, as October 28th approaches, please consider a Trunk Show.  I have had SO MANY hostesses with successful & incredible shows where almost everything they wanted was Free or little money. If you are even just thinking about doing a show, please do not hesitate to email me at for more information.

Swanky Love & THANK YOU to my LOYAL customers!  It has been SO much fun & such a blessing to meet new people & it warms my heart when I see those return orderers come through!