Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whats REALLY going on.

I was very excited about taking Avery to the library to get her first library card.  For a few days, we talked about all the library rules {be quiet, be gentle with the books, we borrow them,etc}. So I would love to tell you this cute story about Avery loving story time and sitting sweet & listening, then how she stood patiently while the librarian got her a card, bla bla bla.  {Okay, super moms who have the perfect story, share your tricks}. 
Story time; Avery: "Mom, she is scaring me" {in a NOT SO quiet voice} 
"Mom, she is really scary looking, I don't like it in here, lets go look at books." 
Me: "Avery, "shhhh" hunnie, we have to be quiet and thats not nice." 
Avery: "But mom, she is just scary looking." 
{Story time lady tries to stay focused, but secretively is hating my kid right now}. 
Phew, this ends quickly & we are off to do the whole "awhh, your first library card" thing. 
Librarian: "Awh, Hi Avery, are you here to get your first card?" 
Avery: "Yes, but I just want to go read books."  
Librarian: "Okay, this will just be a few minutes while your mom fills this out, mom do you have a card?" 
Me: "yes." 
Librarian: "Oh I see you have moved, we need to update you in the system as this doesn't match the address on Avery's card application." 
Avery: "Mom, come on, I just want to read books, I don't need a card!!" 
Librarian: "Now Avery, you have to be quiet in the library." 
Avery: "I know, I know, Pepa Pig's dad said that, but I just want to go read books." 
{25 minutes later and her face shows her excitement for her card}. 
Enter Children's book area. 
Avery: "Oh hi guys do you want to play books with me?" {to like 8 year olds} 
Kids: "giggle, giggle." 
Avery: "Mom, they don't want to play books with me." 
Me: "thats because we read nice and quiet here, come on, sit with me on this couch and I will read you this one." 
Avery: "No mom, I will read mine to you!" 
{sighhhh, you don't know how to read yet Avery} 
Me: I let her.  She flips through pages, pretends like she is reading the story, I encourage, say "awh good job." 
{She picks out 4 books and we leave} 
{Hallelujah, I was sweating like Pepa-Pig up in there}

Anderson gets 2 firsts--his first pair of Chucks, aka Converse & his first pair of MJ straightees.  I never really liked Straightees on Avery, but let me tell ya, I love them on Anderson.  No wonder all those mamas snatch them up for little guys.

He hates his shoes.
He sat on the floor for an hour crying, trying to pull them off, staring at them, eating them, anything he could do to get out of them.
{This will take time}.

But he sure is cute, isn't he? Like a ridiculous version of my mom with my dad's eye color & my hub's lips. His hair is blonde, but sometimes tints of red like his Bebe's come out. & then sometimes, he make's a face and looks just like Chris' dad. Crazy how genetics work.

& Thanks to his Aunt Mandie for his hilarious Popeye shirt.
I look excited.
He looks confused.
I guess thats Parenting.  We want to catch so many memories and have a perfect vision of how it should be. 
However, if it was perfect, we wouldn't be able to look back and laugh, right? 
I always say, "man, sometimes I wish Avery was a bump-on-a-log kinda kid." 
{just in my frustrated mommy moments}
However, I wouldn't change her for the world. Her personality shows so many qualities like the lovely women in my family; she's smart, outgoing, caring, playful, talkative, theatrical, & eccentric. 
{so don't judge a mama who is just trying to do her best}.


  1. Great post, Kate. You have some gorgeous kids--despite their moments. All kids have those moments--but you're doing a GREAT job!

  2. awh, thanks sis :) Did you laugh a little? I seriously try to write humorously like our Aunt Les, but I guess there is nothing like AL's writing...talent, talent

  3. Haha...that's funny. And it totally supports my thought that they should have a totally separate kids room at the library. I mean, how are you supposed to make kids be quiet?! And, forgot to mention that I got Lila a pair of peppa pig slippers at DDG yesterday. She's in love :)

  4. That library story is too funny! Kids just want what they want! I just LOVE your baby boys outfit, he is just precious!!!!