Saturday, December 17, 2011

SAHM{why it didn't work for me}.

I have put this off for a few months now.
I am trying to remember that this does not make me a failure.
Here it is {unedited} & {maybe a little selfish}.
The TOP 10 reasons being a SAHM
If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it.

#10: I like adults…very few, but I do.

I didn't realize how social I was.  Thank goodness, right? I mean, I did spend the majority of my twenties getting a degree in‘social work.' I guess that means I am a little social.  I like asking someone how their day is going, if there is anything they need, etc.  Before I decided to stay home with A&A, I told myself, “I have to continue hanging out with adults & other moms at least weekly."  I didn't do it enough.  As Anderson got older, I had a more difficult time even talking on the phone when A&A were awake.  I missed talking to my mom on my 8:30a drive to work.

#9: I like stuff.

I remember that day like it was yesterday…”Hun, I don't care anymore.  We can get rid of one of the cars, my iPhone, the cable, I won’t buy Avery Swanky OR MJ, I promise.  I just want to be ‘for real’ poor.” Well, I got a little taste of that.  I can’t stay away from nice things though.  I would look around my house and think, “how much do I love that piece of furniture, I could get $50 for that on Craigslist.”Slowly, you run out of things to sell.

#8: I like to smell good.

I think taking a shower is another thing on the‘to-do-list,’ always have.  When you stay at home, it is a royal treat to take a shower.  If you don't set your alarm before your kids get up, that shower will wait until naptime {if you are lucky}.  Most of the time, it would happen after the kids go to bed.  I even tried setting my alarm, but it didn't work.  Mentally knowing that you have‘no where' to be just makes you turn the alarm off. 

#7: I set high expectations.

You cannot set high expectations when you stay at home with your kids. Period. Set your standards low and when big things happen, pat yourself on the back.  Don’t plan your whole day around some amazing educational craft activity and be disappointed when your kid spends 10 minutes on it and would rather play hide&seek.  Seriously? Does she realize I used my 40% Joann's coupon on that ****?

#6: I am not a good teacher.

Oh I tried. So hard, but God has a special place for Preschool teachers.  I even studied homeschooling methods for Big A. I became very intrigued with the Charlotte Mason method and implementing this technique. Bull****. While I completely agree Avery would thrive under this principal, this mama cannot discipline through character. I sounded like a douche-bag and she looked at me like a was crazy. {easier access to take more advantage of me}.

#5: I do better with more on my plate {a variety}.

As much as I like to complain when I am ubberly busy, I do better.  Knowing I have everyday, any day to do laundry, clean the house, etc., honestly I do better when I know I only have a Friday night to do it.  Reflecting back on my childhood, I was always on the go.  It is better for me. Staying busy helps me check things off the list.

#4: I like to poop alone.

However, this does not mean I don’t love my children.  I promise, I love them with all that I am.  Everyone should have the privilege to p**p alone.  Wouldn’t our society be hilarious if we were cooped up in an office all day, then when we spotted a co-worker going to p**p we went along. NO, it wouldn't so why should I have to sacrifice that privacy?

#3: I like to feel {sorta} pretty.

Here is another one,“hun, I promise not to wear sweatpants OR pajama pants everyday.”However, he would come home time after time & I would say, “Ugh, I am sorry I am still in the same clothes I was in last night.”Luckily, I have the kind of husband who would pick me up, kiss me, and say,“you look great to me.” I never felt great though---could just smell my armpits even more.  If you don't have good self-esteem, what your husband thinks does not mean ****. I want my parent's marriage.

#2: I don't like to feed my kids food from a can OR box.

I just don’t.  I may not eat like I should, but I am really, really weird about what my kids eat.  I lay awake in bed sometimes and count how many fruit and vegetable servings my kids had that day.  Don’t get me wrong; I think its okay to give your kiddos mac&cheese and SpaghettiO’s every once in a while.  However, when this becomes more than 3 times in a week, its time to get a job.  One of our biggest responsibilities as parents is to provide our children a variety of healthy foods.

#1: I don't have a village. It takes a village.

It really does.  I am 99.5% sure if I lived close to my mom and/or sisters this lifestyle may have worked.  Don't get me wrong, I am appreciative of my MIL, but she is busy and has many obligations to fulfill with her other granddaughter.  If I lived near my sisters, grandmothers, cousins, etc., I know we would be together at least every other day.  I love my mom's stories about how her and her sisters {my amazing Aunts} would get together and bake all day while us kids would play.  I know I could guarantee on Sunday dinners at my mom's house {one less day to cook, yes please}, grocery shopping alone, and individual children quality time. Those things are important.  They are the“make-it-or-break-it" moments.

So Folks, there you have it.  The honest-to-goodness truth on my personal struggle staying home with my babies.  Do not get me wrong, I don't have any regrets.  I am just lucky enough to get outta it before I do have regrets. 

It might never be the same
We might never live those days
Gone by but we can try

Let's kick the babies out of bed
How 'bout you and me instead
Hangin' on up and gone

Baby hold on
(let's start this over)
Baby hold on
(we're not much older now)

Baby hold on
(if you still see what i see)
Keep holdin' on
Hold on to me’
-Dixie Chicks


inspiration{Valentines Day}14.of.february

Do I really already have Valentines Day on my mind? 
Sure do.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

& I forgot a winner...

& its...

SO happy for you beautiful, Nichole!  I am so happy that we met during my sweet visit to North Georgia! <3 I'll be contacting you for your mailing address. <3 I would say I have it, but I don't have access to my SBV database anymore. :(


Sunday, December 11, 2011


Dear Anderson,

Although we kept your 1st birthday rather 'simple' compared to a typical party mommy would throw, we LOVE you very much. You had a blast & loved every minute of your favorite dinner--spaghetti.  It was so sweet watching you open presents for the first time, but you enjoyed the cards more than the gifts.  As always, you studied them, opening and closing over and over. Rather than looking at daddy, Avery & I while we sang 'happy birthday' to you, you were ready to grab the candle out of the cake. You hated your birthday hat that mommy spent over an hour making.

You loved your cake, and growled after every bite. You have a little cold so your boogies mixed in with the chocolate icing. You stopped yourself when you were done & just starred at daddy & I.  Your sugar rush kicked in during your bath and Avery made you laugh really hard.  After your bath, we all sat in your room while Avery you played with your new toys.
You had many people send you cards, leave you messages on mommy's phone and think about you.
Sadly, one day I will have to explain to you why some of your own family didnt remember you {& mommy is sad about that}.

I hope one day you look back & smile on the special night we had with all your favorite things & people.
We are so proud of you & cannot believe how much you have grown over the past year.

All our love,
Mommy, Daddy, & Avery


Thursday, December 8, 2011


Looking at these photos makes me tear up.
While I am sad that the fabulous consultant role with Swanky Baby Vintage is over,
my tears are more than that. 
I WILL forever look at these photos & remember a time that was so good.
My journey began in the summer and rolled into a fabulous fall season here in Tennessee.
I was home with the babies, scheduling shows in-between splashing in the pool.
{sipping sweet tea and making sure my samples were ironed and hung beautifully}, 
making hostess gifts and talking on the phone to sweet April, Lora and Mandi {Lora who just cracks me up}. 
& very lucky to have the support from Holli, Winter, Crystal, and Whitney. 
{our Corporate sweeties}.

I am very excited for Swanky Baby Vintage & their journey to come.
{& very excited that my customers will soon be able to walk into a local store & snatch up what they need}.

Lucky for you, Swanky Baby Vintage is having an AWESOME end of season sale!
Use coupon code YEAREND at check-out to enjoy 40% off!

Now...something fun.
In honor of my wonderful memories, new friends, and an exciting new beginning for SBV, I am GIVING away this Blooming Ruffle Jersey Headband. 
{yes, it even looks cute on mamas}.

1) Follow my blog and leave a comment {mandatory} 
*Extra entry: Visit the Swanky Baby Vintage website & leave a comment telling me your favorite goodie!
Giveaway will end 12*12 at 9 am. 
Good Luck; now go get some shopping done.  


Monday, December 5, 2011

holiday 2011{our mantel}

I kept the mantel pretty simple this year.
I love the mixture of green hydrangeas, white lunch bag flowers {tutorial found here}, white milk glass vases & the pop of green, red, and aqua colors.
Rather than making a fabric banner, I opted to use clothespins and hang pinecones and dangle these cute little grey bearded Santas from Ikea.

Trust me, having that silly tv hanging up as per my husband's 'one of a few requests,' I could do wonders with this area.  Ahh, I visualize old windows, shutters, & even big tall clear vases filled with pretties.
thanks for letting me share :)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

{non-traditional}holiday wreath & Christmas parade.

I have learned SO much staying home with the kids.
& I was just telling my husband the other night that when I do go back to work,
{I think I will continue being extremely frugal}.
However, the great thing about being frugal & thrifty is that it allows you to re-use & be creative.

Remember this?
well, fall is over and why let this perfect lil antique frame sit alone for a year?

I feel like this year is the 'who can make the coolest Christmas wreath year.'
So, I opted out.
{& made us a little non-traditional Christmas wreath}.
With EVERYTHING we already had.

{& I am SO excited to finally use this adorable Christmas fabric that has been sitting in my studio {ha, sis} for years.

I forgot to note, after it was all tide together with a thicker strip of fabric, I added about another 3 fabric strips. 
Honestly, some make think this is just a hot-mess, but I love it. 
{It is so me}. 

Did you notice those cute little window decorations? 
{courtesy of Miss Ave O Liv herself.  & a few by me}. 

I know it isn't Martha'd out, but i.heart.

& while we are on the holiday topic, here are some pics from my first experience at the WIVK Christmas parade in downtown Knoxville. 
{great parade, interesting people, & a lot of work very fun}. 

Have a great Saturday folks! 
its a beautiful one in Tennessee! 


Friday, December 2, 2011{spotlight}.

In the year 2011, I am pretty sure you could spend
every waking moment on the world.wide.web.
{ahhh, if I only had the time}.

Then, there are those amazing bloggers who create, find or promote free art.

...just go visit & be amazed at all the free printables.
{vintage, & oh so lovely}.

a few things I played around with...

& i just adore this: 


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


yeah, wow. I went on my first job interview in ummm {a lot of years}.
i was nervous, very, very nervous.  
i am so insecure until i get that total reassurance factor. 
{maybe its the middle child syndrome in me}? OR maybe its anyone? {during my google+search+interview}, I realized the 'nervous' feeling is total human nature. 

Regardless, it went really well. 
My 'interviewer' noted that my resume spoke for itself which was a really uplifting compliment. 
I am not going to lie, I worked my booty off in college 
{& sometimes wished I partied a little more hardy}. Its okay though, I did have my fun, but kept my dedication to the reason for being there. I worked hard, served hard, and loved even harder. 
{something I hope my own children will do too}. & I was lucky enough to 

Regardless of what happens, I loved today.
{I got a super sweet vibe} 
& the thought of providing private therapy excites me! 
I loved the challenge today brought & for a long time, appreciated that people really believe in that 'bachelors level.' 

I have so many emotions running through this blood-o-mine.  Keeping 2 beautiful kiddos under the age of 3 in line, trying to go back to work, keeping my marriage going, etc.  It's funny, the other day I was sitting around & realized that the last "date" my husband & I have been on was when we were at the beach, & before that was his 30th birthday. {WOW}. However, thats okay. 'Cuz I take full responsibility for accepting my our decisions as it comes to "us." We love our children.  We are okay with putting them first and some people just don't. {& thats okay, because we are all in our own situation}. 
{WOW, rambling}. 
Bottom line is that I am glad to be easy to please.  
My husband joined me with a glass of wine, errr or a few bottles & a nice dance party & I was in "awe" again. 
{sorta thought I was @ a frat party, but not gonna lie, loveeeed it}. 

Ironically, should I get this 'job,' I will be providing a lot of therapy as it relates to the family systems theory. 
'enough said. 


Monday, November 28, 2011

aVERY thankful giveaway winner!

Congratulations, Amanda! Both myself & Millie Morgan Media will be contacting you :) 
Happy Monday morning, folks! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ah, ha! she's a yellow hostess casserole dish

...a Yellow 015, 1 1/2 Qt, with 515 lid.  It also has "T.M. REG." {more on that later}

after I did a little research, I found the Corelle Corner, which offers all the history of Pyrex.  Here is what I found...

These were actually the last pieces made in the 40s, which makes this the 5th oldest Pyrex & the oldest one in my collection! 
The other oldest include: 

Remember how I mentioned the T.M. Reg? I thought that could mean something, but it really doesn't mean much as it relates to this particular piece.  I did find out that the "older set of the primary bowls because the sets from the 1940s were not numbered on the bottom. Since your set does not have numbers on the bottom look for the markings T.M. REG. in an arch above PYREX and U.S. PAT. OFF below in an upward facing arch. The later sets from the 1950s – 1970s do have numbers."  This is where T.M. REG. is more important.  However, it is fun to notice some of my pieces from the years after the 40s do not even have T.M. REG. on them. 

Also, while researching I came across some great advertisements.  Specifically, the "hostess" collection was advertised in the LIFE Magazine September 19, 1949 issue: 

& here is a better photo of the advertisement & another fabulous ad I found:

Can you believe those prices? o.m.g. love it!