Saturday, December 3, 2011

{non-traditional}holiday wreath & Christmas parade.

I have learned SO much staying home with the kids.
& I was just telling my husband the other night that when I do go back to work,
{I think I will continue being extremely frugal}.
However, the great thing about being frugal & thrifty is that it allows you to re-use & be creative.

Remember this?
well, fall is over and why let this perfect lil antique frame sit alone for a year?

I feel like this year is the 'who can make the coolest Christmas wreath year.'
So, I opted out.
{& made us a little non-traditional Christmas wreath}.
With EVERYTHING we already had.

{& I am SO excited to finally use this adorable Christmas fabric that has been sitting in my studio {ha, sis} for years.

I forgot to note, after it was all tide together with a thicker strip of fabric, I added about another 3 fabric strips. 
Honestly, some make think this is just a hot-mess, but I love it. 
{It is so me}. 

Did you notice those cute little window decorations? 
{courtesy of Miss Ave O Liv herself.  & a few by me}. 

I know it isn't Martha'd out, but i.heart.

& while we are on the holiday topic, here are some pics from my first experience at the WIVK Christmas parade in downtown Knoxville. 
{great parade, interesting people, & a lot of work very fun}. 

Have a great Saturday folks! 
its a beautiful one in Tennessee! 



  1. I love this wreath! It's so cute :) I also love that I can see you in every photo because I miss you, sister & bff. You're such a good mom and you're so brave for taking both kids out to create new memories for your kids <3

  2. That is just so darling! What a clever idea and I think your window decorations are just beautiful. :-) We have a "family" tree that is covered in all the paper ornaments and projects and it is definitely my favorite! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  3. So adorable! Good job on being frugal and crafty! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
    PS Stop by our $200 jewelry giveaway if you're interested!

  4. I love the wreath, turned out super pretty!

  5. Love it! And you could change the inside decoration for the seasons, too.

  6. Would luv for you to add it in our linking party, so our readers will discover this awesome project at
    Have a great week,

  7. Wow, that is wonderful work! Thanks for sharing, and for showing the Pyrex Cleaning tip on PCII!

  8. This is beautiful, Kate! Thanks for sharing with air your laundry Friday! xo Jami