Saturday, April 30, 2011

@ screen print shirts!

Well, Dana makes everything look so easy. Oh, Dana, you can even rock out an amazing Freezer Paper Stencil for a DIY screen-print.

I have been wanting to try this so I finally gave it shot following all the steps in the tutorial I linked. My sis, Mandie skyped with me while I was doing this and gave me the idea of the @ symbol {too cute for Ave&Ander}.

I learned a lot doing Avery's first {cut so perfectly}. This is why Anderson's turned out a little better.
I think I found another obsession--I have a ton of things I wanna screen print now.
{crap, my house and kids are going to be covered in Tulip fabric paint. }

Yes, at midnight, I was impatient & blow dried it like Dana suggested for those impatient peeps.
Wah-Lah! {see how Avery's wasn't cut PERFECT} That's why you really have to cut so precise.
They love them! {& look cute to boot}!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I SPY: Shoes & Jewelry Addition

Well this is my first time participating in Little Miss Momma's "I spy" series. She is one of my new favorite bloggers & this week's theme is Shoes & Jewelry. I don't own a ton of jewelry b/c I'm pretty simple when it comes to it; I like sentimental pieces that warm my heart. Here we go...

I SPY my favorite earrings:
1) one pair were given by my friend, Anne-Marie who replaced my
favorite Judith Jack's after we were robbed last year.
2) one pair were the first gift my husband gave me.
The other pairs are from Judith Jack & a jewelry show

I SPY my favorite everyday necklaces:
1) Left; my $1 [yes, i said that] find
2) Middle; my Anthropologie 'A' necklace from my bff, Meghan
3) My favorite Brighton piece; inspirational charm necklace from my mom

I SPY my 'fancier' necklaces:
1) My Tiffany & Co necklace I got for my 21st birthday
2) Family heirloom pearls bought in the South Pacific Islands during WWII

I SPY my most treasured pieces:
1) on finger: my engagement ring, which then became my wedding ring;
another family heirloom from my husband's grandmother
2) Ring on flower bud: Another family heirloom that
was always on my middle finger, but needs fixed :(

I SPY my favorite & most comfortable flats;

I SPY: Opposite weather faves:
1) Gladiator sandels from Rugged Warehouse; hello $5 make-ya-holla!
2) Rain boots; Capelli

I SPY making my husband participate
1) his oldest Birkenstocks (the 2nd gift I gave him many years ago)
while 2) showing his own wedding band
[he's a trooper].

I SPY my lil lady's favorite shoes:
Cowboy Boots!

I SPY my little lady's jewelry:
1) her ice-cream necklace from her bebe [grandma]
2) a handmade bracelet from her friend Lila's mom, Emily

I SPY the littlest shoes in the house:
1) My 4 month old's Deglingos
...Now its your turn; what do you SPY? ;)
Linking you up to Little Miss Momma

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ikea+Antique Store=happy mama

I love, love, love happy finds. I especially love happy finds at great prices.
Over the weekend, I went to Ikea and found 'to die for' fabric @ 5.99 a yard [yes, that is what i said].
this fabric is going to make the cutest summer skirt for Avery.
thinking of keeping it simple with dana's easy tutorial. [love dana]
adore all the cute colorful straws they were ummm, i think 1.00 something?
a bright straw makes even water taste like summer. :)
wish i could share my other good finds, but it would spoil some upcoming things. :)

I finally treated myself to a normal hour lunch break 10 minute lunch break. ...Did a run through at an antique store in Rockwood, TN. I was looking for antique buttons, but no luck. I did come across these antique screen-print fabrics & itty bitty jars.
Can't decide if I want to use them to applique a shirt? make a ruffled pocket? or frame all 3 in a series. decisions, decisions; all 3 for $4.
It's funny how random things catch our eye. I just loved these itty bitty jars. I think they would be good for my happy pills pins and tiny random buttons. $2 for set.

Easter 2011

Had a wonderful and fun-filled Easter weekend @ my parent's house in the NC.
Of course, we were well taken care of as always-spoiled with yummy meals,
good drinks, and a mommy/daddy date.

Another lovely holiday!




Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Independence.

i am lucky that lil man lets me cuddle him any time, b/c lil lady doesn't any more.

*hold their hands as long as you can*

& oh yeah-make sure to peak at my "Pin" post and notice that the one and only, Val commented :) Um yah, Do I not feel like the coolest person ever today?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have a secret mom-crush on Val.
Whenever I am feeling low, less, or troubled,
somehow she inspires me.

She also got me addicted to Pinterest, where you can find
just about anything you want.

Here is what I am lovin pinin today.

shorty swing my way

...sho look good to me
now would you please
swing my way

finally made Avery some "shorties" outta some old leggings. love me some free new cuteness.
& best of all-she loves them!
She asked me for more--already has colors in mind.
Looks like we will be living in these this summer :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remember One

thing in the day & reflect on this.
I have to tell myself that a lot.

My Avery is
"well, Avery" and sometimes she can test me to the max.
Other times, she makes me extremely proud. We worked on coloring "in the lines" and her name today. She made me so very

This is my moment.

& remember that cute fabric find from the earlier post?

Well, well, well; look what mama made :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good-Will'n deals!

as always, click image for bigger view :)+my awesome "annotate" HA

Man, I forget how much I hate the smell love Goodwill.

I had a 25% off coupon too, so my total for all these came to $22.12.


make me

----------------------->>>>the whole reason I went, I refuse to
pay full price for these sorts of things.
pulled it apart to clean, washed up the cover,
& wa la, he loves it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Anderson is just not into hard-type play toys (other than his keys). He loves little soft things [um like his burp clothes]. Therefore, I made him a little leaf friend with lots of great textures. I think he likes it :) & I think I might have found a new sewing obsession--have a list of them I want to make.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


many, many, [did I say, 'many?]'
sides of Avery.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

True Random Number Generator2
Sara said...

Great blog design!


Thursday, April 7, 2011


How did you grow so big overnight

How did you get so smart and bright

Yesterday you were asleep in my arms

Today you're growing off the charts

I'm so proud of you.

-Frances England.