Monday, April 25, 2011

Ikea+Antique Store=happy mama

I love, love, love happy finds. I especially love happy finds at great prices.
Over the weekend, I went to Ikea and found 'to die for' fabric @ 5.99 a yard [yes, that is what i said].
this fabric is going to make the cutest summer skirt for Avery.
thinking of keeping it simple with dana's easy tutorial. [love dana]
adore all the cute colorful straws they were ummm, i think 1.00 something?
a bright straw makes even water taste like summer. :)
wish i could share my other good finds, but it would spoil some upcoming things. :)

I finally treated myself to a normal hour lunch break 10 minute lunch break. ...Did a run through at an antique store in Rockwood, TN. I was looking for antique buttons, but no luck. I did come across these antique screen-print fabrics & itty bitty jars.
Can't decide if I want to use them to applique a shirt? make a ruffled pocket? or frame all 3 in a series. decisions, decisions; all 3 for $4.
It's funny how random things catch our eye. I just loved these itty bitty jars. I think they would be good for my happy pills pins and tiny random buttons. $2 for set.

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  1. Ooo...cute fabric!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!