Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Mama: 5

Entry 5
Oh, I wish you all knew Jennifer.

It's impossible to hide from the crazy Jehovah's Witnesses when they are at your door and your child is waving wildly at them from the window.
Monday at 7:26pm · ·
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    • Jan Kirkpatrick That is so funny Jenni!
      Monday at 7:37pm ·
    • Katie Kattic Adcock Hahhahajahahja oh love lily!
      Monday at 7:39pm ·
    • Gary Fitzgerald Nice picture, Mike...:)
      Monday at 7:46pm · · 1 person
    • Lana Kattic Huffman You are so funny Jennifer ! I love reading your posts :)
      Monday at 7:52pm ·
    • Billy Wright Haha. That's great.
      Monday at 7:57pm ·
    • Lindsey Baker I finally asked the ones in our area not to come back because they always seemed to come when Julia was sleeping and wake her up. I was polite but firm and told them I already went to church
      Monday at 7:57pm ·
    • Leah Rose lmao...
      Monday at 8:02pm ·
    • William Thompson They should let them help deliver the mail. Actually from a safe vantage get the little one to let them in and keep them entertained. I used to let Abby talk to telemarketers. Great fun!
      Monday at 8:31pm ·

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