Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September bucket list {in no particular order}

1) Have a backyard campout with Avery {smores, hot dogs, sleeping outside...the whole sha-bang}.

2) Learn how to make and wear a bustle dress on Avery. 
   {similar to NAS}. 

3) Gain at least 5 new Swanky Baby Vintage customers.  
   {Preferably in new cities}

4) Have a girls night out {GNO}.

5) Make at least 1 out of town visit with the kiddos for the fun of it.

Keeping it simple so hopefully I can check these off the list.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

designer inspiration {Swanky}

First & foremost, why didn't I order 2?
{these are my sample ruffles & the MUST HAVE piece for fall}
Yes, yes, once I get paid, I am ordering another pair for Avery.
{& getting them in grass as well}.

I have had the coolest trim sitting around for 2 years.
As a wanna-bee clothing designer, you collect things until you find that
inspirational piece.
When Kayla's comfy ruffles in Cocoa Dots arrived, that trim was the 3rd thing I thought of.
{the first was, OMG. i. heart. these. pants}.
{the second was, i. can't. believe. i. get. to. work. for. this. company}.

Anyways---inspirational piece got my creative juices moving.
{I opted to sew during the kids' nap time}
& now, I have to order these b.c I am in love with what I came up with for Ave.

& now on to the "if you say 'cheese' and do this you can have a brownie" photo shoot...

Not trying to plug myself or anything {ha}, 
but remember that you can get these must have fall ruffles 
FOR FREE if you become a Swanky Baby Vintage Hostess.
Contact me for details; 

Linking this up here 

and here

Friday, August 26, 2011

WOW, what a crew!

I love that I have been able to surround myself by creative & hard-working women.
Tomorrow's trunk show is an exciting event because it not only showcases the beauty and art of Swanky Baby Vintage, 
but also the art of friends of mine.

I will be sitting with Alicia Bedwell Photography who will be offering back-to school mini session deals,
regular bookings, and other special surprises.  {note that these are her BEAUTIFUL girls Halle & Henley wearing Swanky Baby Vintage's Spring line. {um, hello gorgeous}.

In addition, talented Artist, Lauren Crowley who specializes in window re-vamping decor will be adding her line to The Adorable Child & there to showcase her collection & begin taking custom orders.  

I am very excited about tomorrows event, as it brings a love, passion, and spirited nature to a fabulous store. 
I cannot wait to meet new customers & SO EXCITED for you to view our newest collection, "Brown Sugar and Spice."
{book a September show & receive a lil something special}.

Please stop by from 11-2 & check us all out!
{store will be open 10-5}. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Adorable Child {Spotlight}

Yes, we all have our favorite local children's stores.
The Adorable Child is mine.
{perfect mix of high-quality consignment, boutique clothing, and talented custom designers}

One of my most favorite things about The Adorable Child is the owner, Judy Hobbs.
{she has a heart like no other} 
& not to mention, she ensures all of her staff including store manager, Heather Parks does as well.
{fabulous customer service is rare anymore, but they meet this 110%}

No matter your budget, your ned, your gift, they have it.

& the talented Trish of Corina's Closet designs not only beautiful clothes
{but what every mom in Knoxville says are THE BEST HAIR BOWS in town}

& not to mention Euro Kids fabulous children's clothing designs,
but adorable doll clothes {yes, please}.

Looking for back to school goodies, yup they have those too.

In addition to their children's clothing, toys, bedding, & other consignment,
another great addition to the store is their Maternity Consignment section

This Saturday, 8/27 is one of the funnest events of the year at the store!  
It is their Annual Back to School Fall Festival.  
The store will be open from 10-5 and vendors will be there from 10-2. 
Embroidery on the spot, Hair Feathers and Tinsels, Characture Artist, Refreshments and more!!!

& best of all, I will be there with Swanky Baby Vintage's Fall Collection! 
{order on the spot} 
{book an in-home OR virtual trunk show to earn FREE clothes} 
{let your sweet girls try on any samples they want} 
& just enter a special raffle I will be doing. 
In addition to my little surprise, there will still be time to take advantage of my end of August Promo

I look forward to seeing you there & promise you will come back again & again. 
11416-A Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37934 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gemini {tunes}

Brooke White was #1 favorite of every American Idol I have watched yet.
{huge fan}
{huge tears when she was voted off}
Then I got to stalk follow her blog & she is one of those people
you wish could be the friends you count on one hand.

She can sing.
She has a style I inspire to have.
{love that she is proud to share her mix & match of thrift store and garage sale finds}
& her passion for life is so contagious.

Her iTunes exclusive album, Jack & White {Gemini} was released today.
{yup, bought it at 8 am while sipping on my coffee}
in love and cannot wait to jam away during my 2 hour drive to Kingsport later today.
{so far my favorite is 'Feathers'}

Brooke reminds me of our generations Stevie Nicks
{first concert I saw at the young age of 4}

& I will leave you with one of Brooke's quotes
which just makes me wanna give her a big cross-country hug. 


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sophie's Choice {spotlight}

While working a trunk show yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Tracie Graham of Sophie's Choice
{I love meeting talented, entrepranour moms from adorable small towns}.
She had a beautiful spread at the show along with a lovely variety of products that she makes and sells.

I wanted to buy it all.
& cannot wait to buy away again soon!

I dipped away in a little of these...

Oh & there is more! 

I fell in love with 

As per Tracie's page, she is 110% correct; 
"Few Kids would turn down the opportunity to assist in the kitchen. The best part of these simple cooking projects is that they actually teach kids educational math concepts through measuring, inspire creativity through designing and in and instill a lifelong interest in cooking -  all while spending quality time together!"

Luckily, I had a birthday party to attend for Avery's best bud.  I had the hardest time deciding b/c they were all so cute.  Here is what I picked: 

Like I said, how do you choose between all that cuteness?

Visit the Kid's section for more---even adorable holiday sets.

I cannot wait to buy more from Tracie.  
You can order directly through her website or find her products at Ella Minnow Pea in Kingston, TN. 

Are you as hungry as me now? 


Thursday, August 18, 2011


You know, sometimes I wanna feel like a celebrity.
There are times that the most simple things can make you feel that way.
{like a favorite blogger commenting on something}
    {or being mentioned on a favorite blog}.
It's those little things that keep me going.
inspire me.
motivate me.
{8/20 trunk show information here; I love you Roane County; always have a special place in my heart & soul}

I cannot wait to see you on 8/20 at Ella Minnow Pea
    {one of my FAVORITE stores in East Tennessee}
Carrie is an incredibly talented woman who inspires so many people.
I am honored to be hosting at her store as visitors will be blown away by her custom invitations
& other unique gifts.
{did I mention she is a photographer as well}
told you--pure talent.

I am truly blessed.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Opening Day Trunk Show!

I am pleased to announce my Opening Day Swanky Baby Vintage Trunk Show!
Mrs. Alicia Bedwell will be hosting on August 17th @ 7 pm.
I would LOVE for you to be the first people in town to SEE our amazing Fall 2011 Collection, 'Brown Sugar & Spice.'
Please email me @ for details.
I cannot wait to see you there!

Alicia is a talented, modern Knoxville photographer specializing in children & newborn portraits.
{she makes you and your little one feel comfortable b.c of her awesome personality and being a mommy to 2 beautiful little girls herself}
She will GIVING away a photography session for raffle for ANYONE who attends.
In addition, for anyone who spends $100 or more, she will be giving away a one-hour photo session.
For orders $200 or more, guests will receive a one hour session & rights to photos on disc.
{see her work below}

I look forward to seeing everyone there & even more EXCITED for you all to see our clothing line!

The following photographs are copyright of Bedwell Photography:


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where I come from

I haven't blogged in a while
b/c I am in Pennsylvania.
Yup, where I come from.
Where family comes first
& my memories are the
reason I am a mother.
Where morals are acted upon
& togetherness is more important
than anything else.

In love.