Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gemini {tunes}

Brooke White was #1 favorite of every American Idol I have watched yet.
{huge fan}
{huge tears when she was voted off}
Then I got to stalk follow her blog & she is one of those people
you wish could be the friends you count on one hand.

She can sing.
She has a style I inspire to have.
{love that she is proud to share her mix & match of thrift store and garage sale finds}
& her passion for life is so contagious.

Her iTunes exclusive album, Jack & White {Gemini} was released today.
{yup, bought it at 8 am while sipping on my coffee}
in love and cannot wait to jam away during my 2 hour drive to Kingsport later today.
{so far my favorite is 'Feathers'}

Brooke reminds me of our generations Stevie Nicks
{first concert I saw at the young age of 4}

& I will leave you with one of Brooke's quotes
which just makes me wanna give her a big cross-country hug. 


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