Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September bucket list {in no particular order}

1) Have a backyard campout with Avery {smores, hot dogs, sleeping outside...the whole sha-bang}.

2) Learn how to make and wear a bustle dress on Avery. 
   {similar to NAS}. 

3) Gain at least 5 new Swanky Baby Vintage customers.  
   {Preferably in new cities}

4) Have a girls night out {GNO}.

5) Make at least 1 out of town visit with the kiddos for the fun of it.

Keeping it simple so hopefully I can check these off the list.


  1. Your kids are so lucky to have you :) I have been dying to make a tent like that.

  2. Maybe I cam be part of the fun - or part of the bucket list for Sept? ;)

  3. thanks sis! Of course you can baby :) bring on the camp-out, where you suddenly disappear to sleep inside with the AC on ;) ;) <3 you!

  4. Was talkin' to AJ; he might have some "real" camping equipment we could borrow -- try our hand at some "real" camping (for a night anyway) ;)