Sunday, August 28, 2011

designer inspiration {Swanky}

First & foremost, why didn't I order 2?
{these are my sample ruffles & the MUST HAVE piece for fall}
Yes, yes, once I get paid, I am ordering another pair for Avery.
{& getting them in grass as well}.

I have had the coolest trim sitting around for 2 years.
As a wanna-bee clothing designer, you collect things until you find that
inspirational piece.
When Kayla's comfy ruffles in Cocoa Dots arrived, that trim was the 3rd thing I thought of.
{the first was, OMG. i. heart. these. pants}.
{the second was, i. can't. believe. i. get. to. work. for. this. company}.

Anyways---inspirational piece got my creative juices moving.
{I opted to sew during the kids' nap time}
& now, I have to order these b.c I am in love with what I came up with for Ave.

& now on to the "if you say 'cheese' and do this you can have a brownie" photo shoot...

Not trying to plug myself or anything {ha}, 
but remember that you can get these must have fall ruffles 
FOR FREE if you become a Swanky Baby Vintage Hostess.
Contact me for details; 

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  1. Love the whole outfit. Did you design both the top and pants?

  2. Oh I just found the site your ordered the pants from. They are cute.

  3. Wow sis! This outfit is amazing. I love the shirt you made- I am so impressed. Cannot wait to wear Mad's pants on her today! So good.

  4. Absolutely adorable! She is just beautiful!

  5. Thanks guys! :) @Sherry--yes, I am a consultant from them. If you order, make sure you use my ID 1976 or directly through my site, where are you from?

  6. I'm from Perth, Western Australia. How is the weather where you are?