Wednesday, November 30, 2011


yeah, wow. I went on my first job interview in ummm {a lot of years}.
i was nervous, very, very nervous.  
i am so insecure until i get that total reassurance factor. 
{maybe its the middle child syndrome in me}? OR maybe its anyone? {during my google+search+interview}, I realized the 'nervous' feeling is total human nature. 

Regardless, it went really well. 
My 'interviewer' noted that my resume spoke for itself which was a really uplifting compliment. 
I am not going to lie, I worked my booty off in college 
{& sometimes wished I partied a little more hardy}. Its okay though, I did have my fun, but kept my dedication to the reason for being there. I worked hard, served hard, and loved even harder. 
{something I hope my own children will do too}. & I was lucky enough to 

Regardless of what happens, I loved today.
{I got a super sweet vibe} 
& the thought of providing private therapy excites me! 
I loved the challenge today brought & for a long time, appreciated that people really believe in that 'bachelors level.' 

I have so many emotions running through this blood-o-mine.  Keeping 2 beautiful kiddos under the age of 3 in line, trying to go back to work, keeping my marriage going, etc.  It's funny, the other day I was sitting around & realized that the last "date" my husband & I have been on was when we were at the beach, & before that was his 30th birthday. {WOW}. However, thats okay. 'Cuz I take full responsibility for accepting my our decisions as it comes to "us." We love our children.  We are okay with putting them first and some people just don't. {& thats okay, because we are all in our own situation}. 
{WOW, rambling}. 
Bottom line is that I am glad to be easy to please.  
My husband joined me with a glass of wine, errr or a few bottles & a nice dance party & I was in "awe" again. 
{sorta thought I was @ a frat party, but not gonna lie, loveeeed it}. 

Ironically, should I get this 'job,' I will be providing a lot of therapy as it relates to the family systems theory. 
'enough said. 



  1. Katie..I actually said a prayer for you the other day when I read you had a job interview:) You are such a sweet, awesome person. I only wish there were more people in the world like you!! I haven't forgot your special treat for the little girlie..will get that package out soon:) Best wishes in all your future endeavors!! I think you would be a GREAT private therapist, at least you were for me that day!!!

  2. ...It went great because that's what you are -- great! Regardless of the outcome; Avery, Anderson, and I love the he-double-hockey-sticks outta' ya.

  3. Loved this post. So honest! Hey, thank you for popping in for a visit and the sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse last week. It means the world. Hope you have a grand day! Toodles, Kathryn

  4. This is awesome amazing news to hear! Congrats on that compliment! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!! XO