Thursday, November 24, 2011

thrift find of a lifetime {sweet pickles}& who was Mabel N?

I wish all my readers would be as giddy as me right now.
{it's okay though, I know most don't get it}.

Let's flashback a 'lil to the year of 1987.
{all I remember is just getting my tonsils out &
sitting on our window seat WAITING for the Sweet Pickles
truck to show up at my house}.
Now that I am a parent, I get so many things I otherwise would not}.
THANK YOU Mom&Dad for giving me the 'best of things' while sacrificing so much. 

& now that I have my own children, I know what a big deal 
this was for my parent's to do for me.
{no pickle van, just a UPS man {or something similar} ringing our door-bell}.
From a 'memory' stand-point, this is my favorite mail delivery memory.
{2nd in line was the Michael Jackson 'Bad' album}.

Okay, let's fast forward 21 years.
{I have my 1st chid, a sweet little girl named Avery}.
I knew that I wanted some Sweet Pickles for her & any other children to come...
About a year ago, I become a 'tad obsessed' stalking anything Sweet Pickles related for the Aves.

Okay, back to 2011. 11/22 to be exact {ironic date actually & no need for an explanation there}. 
Anderson & I were out&about junkin' while Avery was @ her MDO {Mother's Day Out}, and I saw her....
At the current time, I could only find 1 on eBay.  It is probably worth more than mine b/c it has the 'complete' card set & the stickers for the box...

& here is a little history 
{if I haven't' lost you yet}...

You can view more at the official Sweet Pickles website. 
For now, while most of you are about to get 'your shopping on' for Black Friday, I am drooling over that 'lil green box. 
{& keeping thy fingers crossed for stickers&more}. 

If you made it this far, I know you either 1) remember Sweet Pickles OR 2) remember anything from your childhood that 'made' you. 
I know that my parents 'made me who I am,' but 'maybe' Sweet Pickles & the lessons, morals, and activities had just a 'lil to do with it? I'd like to think so. 

...have to share my newest Pyrex find. 
{at $7, she is a vintage A-1 yellow casserole dish}. 
I was at an antique store and after the lady showed me all the Pyrex she had, 
I knew there was another in my distance.  
{I said 'thank you, I am still gonna look around'} 
then dashed over and grabbed her.

Here is the coolest part about her...
{killed me to take this off when cleaning}

& I know she has to be a rare one, because I only found 1 pop up on the 'Bay.

I won't be getting rid of her anytime soon! 
If anyone knows anything about this piece, feel free to shoot me an email @


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  1. Love your post kiddo ...... "my little sweet pickle"

  2. WOW!! what a find--I've never heard of the books before but I like the idea of them :)

  3. Thanks for coming by Hating Martha...I wanted to return the favor. Your blog is lively...great design! I understand Sweet Pickles...I am a librarian working specifically with kids and teens. I love these books...sadly, they are losing popularity for more modern books like Wimpy Kid, Mo Willems, and others. (those are all good in their own way). Nice to see you have a soft spot for the oldies.

  4. Now I'm wondering who Mabel N was? :-) I wonder if she was using the dish in Home Ec? :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Words can't express how excited you were to stumble on this find! It's awesome to see that kind of sunshine in your eyes. Now if only I could help turn up the stickers for the box...

  6. I must have the original Sweet Pickles books and stickers, since my son was born right around that time. Yes, the green box does catch ones eye. I still see them now and then at yard sales marked a dollar or two. I had no idea they made anyone light up like this.
    I think they are packed away in the basement, never to be found when one wishes.

    And I would bet Mabel contributed to every church dinner.