Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DiY European looking boy onesie {think Oilily}.

I just love how this vision and sketch turned out---exactly how I wanted it {tickled, tickled}.
Step 1; pretty much follow the previous tutorial here: @ Screen Print Shirts

After this was done & completely following the previous tutorial, I used red corduroy fabric and heat and bond to put the red fabric around the screen-print appliqué.  {time consuming}.

Next, i just went to town with a zig-zag stitch {adjusted width on the machine to get a smaller zig-zag}.  It was fun not making the stitching perfect, because I was going for an "un-perfect" look.  How fun to make some areas heavy top stitched and some areas with barely any.  {gosh, I love European designers and their funkiness}.

did some red-star cut outs with the same Red Corduroy material & used heat and bond for some appliqué' knee-patches.  {Think Boden on these}.

 wa-la, you have a cute European {Oilily wanna-be onesie} for about 10% the cost.
....& I must add that he looks so darn cute :)

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  1. I love this post! Such a cute outfit, sis. See--why do you want to buy all these expensive brands when you can make the cutest stuff?!?! Love his bright blue eyes.

  2. Boy, oh, boy is that ever cute! He is just adorable and so is the onesie! Great work. :)