Friday, September 16, 2011

Swanky Updates

For the remainder of September, Swanky Baby Vintage is offering a Customer Appreciation Special!

This is a great time to get some fall shopping done, host a no-hassle VIRTUAL SHOW 
OR grab me while you can during the last week of the month for an in-home show.
As a hostess, you earn the same rewards and your guests get free month off purchases--everyone wins!

Do you just want to order? That is fine too!  Just do so at & use the PROMO CODES at check out.

So who needs some updates?
Lets see what I can give you....
October 14th-2nd release PRE-ORDER day! This is the same as the August 2nd PRE-ORDER day.  This means that you should expect longer delivery time, as these are pre-orders and not officially in stock yet.
October 28th-2nd release opening Trunk Show day! {will share that information very, very soon}. It shall be good, I promise! 

Now for the good stuff, what will 2nd release include? 
Here is what Corporate has told us: 
-New Peasant Skirt {new colors}
-Yoke tee {new colors}
-Maddie's dress
-New Knit style dress
-Single Ruffle Leggings
-New Top
-Faith's Favorite Peasant-Floral Grass
-Knit jacket {YES}!
-Yoke dress {new colors}
-Mya's dress {new colors}
-Brown polka dot triple ruffle leggings

November 1st {or very, very soon after}: HOLIDAY RELEASE 
-Very small collection, 5 girl items
-1 boys tie

I highly suggest you consider booking a VIRTUAL SHOW on Pre-Order day OR that week. We had an incredible response during our first premiere and this is a great way to earn free and 1/2 off clothes! In addition, as October 28th approaches, please consider a Trunk Show.  I have had SO MANY hostesses with successful & incredible shows where almost everything they wanted was Free or little money. If you are even just thinking about doing a show, please do not hesitate to email me at for more information.

Swanky Love & THANK YOU to my LOYAL customers!  It has been SO much fun & such a blessing to meet new people & it warms my heart when I see those return orderers come through!


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