Thursday, January 5, 2012

next direct {high quality & affordable clothing}

I LOVE Next Direct. Next is a UK based retailer that has expanded International and offers online US shopping and shipping. Speaking of shipping, costs are normally a flat $5 rate OR Free.  Right now, they are offering free shipping, but even at $5 it makes it quite the deal for online shopping.  You receive your items SO FAST.  Every time I have ordered something, I have received it within 3 days maximum.  <3 it, <3 it.  

Here is what sold me about Next Direct.  I purchased Anderson these sleeveless onesies OR "vests" as Next calls them.  You receive a 5 pack for $15-17 dependent on size.  These have been my favorite onesies ever!  They are so nice to wear under shirts, jammies, etc., and don't make baby too hot.  However, they prevent that baby bell pooch from popping out of a tee. ;) 

Their first series of Spring 2012 has been released so I did a little of wish-list shopping for the kids.  Here is what I picked out for the babies.  There are so many different styles to choose from.  Whether it be casual, dressy, trendy, or conservative---Next Direct has affordable and high quality clothing.  They also have men and women's clothing, shoes, accessories, but I have only purchased for A&A. I promise you will not be disappointed! 



  1. love this store...charlie ann has a couple of things from there:) affordable garnet hill!!

  2. I love your cute little outfit boards for the kids! So cute! I'm behind on the blog, I haven't been receiving notifications!

  3. Those compositions of outfits looks cool!