Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner at Eight.

I am SO excited that despite Rebekah's crazy busy life, she is bringing back dinner at eight. 
As per her blog, A Bit of Sunshine, she notes that "Dinner at Eight is a special monthly project born out of desire to be more intentional about dating our husbands during this crazy season of life with very young children and not a lot of extra means to afford hiring babysitters and going out to dinner on a regular basis."

A few months ago, I started my own version of this and added a twist that it didn't have to include dinner.  Chris and I would rotate out each week and on a night that he was off work.  Because we don't have weekends together, I thought this would bring the dating feeling back to our lives.  It only lasted a few times b/c like anything else with a family with young ones, it is a commitment.  I remember how excited I was about my turn---our very first at home date night---Spa Night.  Of course, I went all out and transformed our bedroom suite into a spa.  We had & escaped from our everyday routine.

When it is was Chris' turn, he knew how much I was dying to paint something in our house.  We painted the laundry room together and he did El Charro pick-up {our favorite Mexican}.  Cuteness.
  So anyways, as I said...we made it a few times and then what always happens does.  
I AM thrilled that Rebekah is bringing this back starting in February because I need a good kick in the tush to motivate me in this area of life.  I suggest you check out her blog and think about participating too.  I know a lot of couples with kids.
who are busy. 
who put their kids first. 
who need a date night. 

Get creative in love! 

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