Monday, January 9, 2012

{babies back to school}

I thought this would be some post about at least my Anderson crying and holding my leg for dear life.
Both A&A did fabulous this morning.  This is Anderson's first experience at a daycare while Avery is in the preschool class.  {so glad they are in the same program}.
He walked in, checked out a few toys then spotted 7 other boys {yes, ALL boys}? and had a seat to eat some breakfast. I gave him big hugs and kisses and he plopped a pineapple in his mouth :)

Avery's biggest concern was "when I hear my brother crying, can I go to the baby room and see if he is okay?"
{she is becoming such a fabulous big sister}.

Here is hoping there day stays great.


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  1. They really are amazing aren't they?!?
    - They really are liking it, even after 4 days! I give you credit for that; you've made a couple of great little kiddos. (of course, I helped) ;)