Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Simple Skirt

Well, Dana was right. Her tutorial for the 'Simple Skirt' is totally simplified.
By following her easy to read steps, any beginner (or advanced) sewer could whip this
up in anywhere from 20 minutes-an hour.
{took me about 40 mins b/c I lost my stupid elastic 1/2 way through the pull}

It's bittersweet that Avery is into picking out what she wants to wear.
She loved this one and kept asking when I was going to make her "banana lobster" skirt.

After I did the skirt, I let her pick out what she wanted on her shirt.
{she did good, huh}.
She laughed when she saw I put the watermelon on the back.

Hope you get the chance to try this skirt.
Think I might make one for myself.
{for an adult, you follow the same steps, but measure the waist & length you need}.

Please click images for a larger view...


  1. Sis. This is awesome. Is that a shirt too? So cute! Did you use picnik?

  2. super cute my love! I want one! :)

  3. thanks Love--I'll make you one after I get the adult version done :)