Sunday, May 8, 2011

i heart bein' a mama

Another fabulous mother's day...simple, sweet, & everything I wanted.
slept til 8:30 [yes, that is sleeping in],
had the cutest cards from all my lovies,
hub made me dippy eggs & toast [as close as my mom makes them] ;)
had 2 hours of alone house time to clean up, make a pasta salad, & talk on the phone.

napped with lil man on the couch [one of my most favorite things to do before the age of 1].
felt warm inside watching Avery pick flowers for me.
felt pumped about life when she actually took a nap today.
ate hot dogs & pasta salad for din [one of my faves],
watched Avery & Anderson cuddle & hold hands on the couch before baths.

got to sew after the kids were in bed.
[in love with my newest skirt for Ave] & my fix-job on a $10 MJ shirt {it had a very fixable hole on it}
Thanks Vicky Myatt for the scrap fabric to make Avery this skirt. :)

Couldn't ask for more.
I love the simple, true, and everlasting love our family of 4 has for one another.

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  1. The skirt is adorable!!! So glad you could use the fabric!!!