Thursday, May 19, 2011

More boost, baby!

Someone recently told me to make sure I make it about me sometimes.
If you can't make it about yourself just a little, how can you make it about everyone else the rest of the time?

I am working on this.
I have actually starting sketching, composing and creating clothes for ME.
I am a mama of 2; can only fit into a few of things from Forever 21, can't afford Anthropologie, and too young for J Jill. ;) [sorry mom].
So, what the heck? Why not making those sketches come to life?

I feel so self absorbed posting another "me" post, but this one gave me a major self-esteem boost & what semi-overweight busy mama couldn't use that?

Gray tank from Wal-Mart: $3.88+Navy blue knit material (little less than a yard)+ 2 different cream trims=my new FAVE tunic. (total cost, about $12).

& who doesn't like a little rum&diet coke to celebrate a successful vision?
Me, please!


  1. my sister is gorgeous. yep- i decided when i come out in june your sis in law is doing my hair. i adore your top. you did great :) and you look amazing. how do i look like you?? we do have the same genes so what??

  2. I said , " Hun doesn't Katie look gorgeous ? " Daddy said " ya, but why does she have to show her boobs like that " lol , which is exactly what I knew he would say ! Word for word , ya gotta love dad's.....

  3. Love it! Amazing snapshots too! You've got talent, you've got looks, you've got personality -- I'm a lucky boy.

  4. LOVE IT!! great vision Katie, but you've always rocked a great look no matter what:)