Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'Mama, my baby needs a pillow too.'

This morning my lil Avery noticed that her baby needed a pillow too. She then asked if she could have a bubble silky like hers. Luckily, I did have bubble minky & could make this happen...

I let her pick out any fabric she wanted. {was worried she'd pick something weird like dog-bone fabric OR old Christmas fabric}. As always, she has great taste & chose well.

15 minutes later & a happy mama Avery made a happy baby Bailey {what she named her; think after a friend @ school}.

I love her sense of care, concern, and creativity.


  1. so cute sister. what a great idea. i love the fabric she chose. so avery :)

  2. So cute!
    Lila saw one of those little baby slings for dolls and says she wants one. I'm trying to decide how creepy that might look. Mom with baby in sling...3 year old with baby in sling...

  3. <3 the things you come up with that are so simple...and so loved by our gal. You're one great mumsy