Wednesday, March 7, 2012

where have I been?

I noticed that I had not blogged in well over a week.  
I started getting anxiety, thinking, 
"I haven't made anything cool, I haven't gone anywhere cool, omg, I'm not cool." 

Lets see...
Christopher had his first birthday in 4 years ;) He turned 8, err I mean 32.  32? what?! {playing with you babe} 
Anderson got sick {boo} 
Avery continues to keep us on our toes with lots of "whys?"

Oh wait, I did make something; made Anderson this outfit using Dana's Fabric Dyeing method. 
& also his cute little striped knit pants using Dana's basic pants tutorial.
{even the free print out pattern worked great and I just adjusted the length}.  
Love me some Anderson: 

Chris' birthday: 

& my Avery is just growing up to be such a little girl.
She loves to cut things out.  
{she is SO close to cutting out patterns; okay, maybe not SO close, but she wants to & I want her to b/c I dread cutting, but love sewing}. Think we will make a good team?

Well I just get back to work.  
Thanks for looking! 


  1. Oooo...need to check out the dyeing!

  2. Love your blog , as allways , my dear Kate :) ..... Miss'in my babies , love ya kid