Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pass*It*Forward; Card 1

Not sure if anyone follows this lil blog of mine, but if you do, you will remember this post, a lil sneaky, sneaky.
Meet Ashley of the Shine Project. 
She is doing BIG things & I am a total admirer.  My sister, Mandie knew of this & got me one of her Shine Necklaces for my birthday. {I wear it almost everyday}.

Well, leave it to Ashley to go even further & create Pass It Forward. 
You log your card, send it off to someone & do anything you choose, they do the same, & you watch how many lives have been touched by a simple, unexpected random act of kindness. {easy}
{the perfect solution to make small differences with BIG end results}. I WAS SOLD & ordered 10 cards.
I've been in a lil funk & this was the perfect solution to get me out of it.
How could I not?

Yes--it can be anyone; family, friends, strangers, people making a difference; the choice is up to you.  The first person who came to mind was Avery's afternoon preschool teacher, Stephanie. You can tell she LOVES her job which is rare these days.  She is trying to make Avery's class into something better than its ever been.  She enlightens, enriches, & expands their minds.  {not to mention, she has a super cute blog you should go check out}. 

So here you go...

9 to go & I am SO excited.  



  1. Wow sis, I love this post. Your positive attitude is contagious! I know how awesome it must feel to do something nice to a stranger. Love you.

  2. Do I spot a doily on a t-shirt?? Did you make it?? :)