Friday, February 24, 2012

If you don't {change} up the routine,

you aren't living.

Seriously, I have my kids on such a routine, its sorta sick sometimes.  I have always been the mom to make it home for naps and not plan anything past 6 pm.  It has seriously caused a lot of "I can't make its, no thanks, maybe next times, etc."  However, I am very proud of my kids' sleep routines and feel like good sleep makes for a good kid. Little did I know what I have been doing with both A&A is sleep training.

Sometimes our routine prevents me from "living," so when its possible, I make the effort to change things up in ways that don't completely throw off their routine.

Like an early pick-up from school with a surprise Icee:

Anderson's first experience & first brain freeze 

Sure, why not? 

Fighting over pretzels {like there wasn't enough to go around}?               

  & Anderson's infamous Avery hair pull: 

& Avery requested a picnic and set everything up.  Spaghetti was on the menu, so it made for the messiest picnic ever----but SO FUN & such a great change up! 


  1. Such a fun memory you have made for your children, I love it. My oldest daughter has her children on a schedule. She has left family functions early or came late because of naps. I must say that her children are almost always pleasant, and when I babysit they go to bed so nicely. Nice post.

  2. Such a sweet momma; such sweet memories. Love your posts as usual! XO

  3. You are such a wonderful mommy , .... It warms my heart the way you love your kids , sketty picnic :)

  4. You forgot the part where I got home and joined in the fun... ;)

  5. My sister is such an amazing Momma. Just realized I never commented on this and it was a must to comment. Thanks for the nice one on my blog. Love you sister. You're kids are so lucky to have you :)

  6. Avery and Anderson are so lucky to have you! You have it right...have to have them on a schedule. Even the best Mom's can admit that they need that early bedtime just to have a little peace and quiet!