Monday, February 13, 2012

{our weekend}

was beautiful.
my kids are the coolest things ever.
& having my husband on Sunday only made things cooler.
{gonna be spoiled with him having next weekend off too}.
Sighh, I could get used to that.

Our newest 'tradition' when the hub is off on a Sunday is going to Shoney's breakfast buffet.
{yup, total redneck}
but we love it.

Avery and I made heart crayons using my sister's tutorial.
We had so much fun and she took pride in helping make something for her friends.
{even Anderson tried to help eat the crayons}.

Enjoy the photos!



  1. Love your post! I wish I had grandbabies I could make crayon hearts with!

  2. Love your post Kate , you are an amazing mom!

  3. The heart crayons were super cool; though I didn't get the chance to do any coloring with em'. Love how much you love these kids of ours and how your mind never stops looking for ways to make their days more special. Neither they nor I could ever ask for more. We <3 u mommy!