Friday, February 10, 2012

{on almost bursting into tears every 5 mins}

Seriously, what is up with my hormones anymore?
After I had Anderson, my hormones were all over the place.
{after about 8 months I saw some improvement}
 atleast with my ability to remain somewhat stable.

However, more recently, I drop the kids off,
get in my car and it takes everything in me to not burst into tears.

Then today, while heating up my lunch, there was talk about snow.
I said, "gesh sounds like Pittsburgh weather."
Someone said, "you are from Pittsburgh, how did you end up here."
{of course I give my last 10 year summary of living in Knoxville}.

Blah, blah, blah...
"I was going to do this with my degree, but didn't, bla...bla..bla...
& here I am, still just an ISC."

Coworker said, "well you did have 2 kids in that time too,
so you aren't just still an ISC."

"yes, thats true."
{had to come sit at my desk to eat and blog stalk}
because I almost burst into tears.

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  1. OH sis :( I just love you. Life isn't always what we expect but at least you do your best to enjoy the ride. Love you.