Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You think you've been 'Pinned?'

Through the lovely and talented Jennifer, I found yet another amazing blog 
Seriously I cannot get jealous of amazingly talented {mainly women} who have these blogs, b/c its so rewarding to know that we all create for therapy, love, admiration, etc.

Anyways, long story short, this blog did a lil lesson on finding out if you have been "pinned" on Pinterest 
To sum it up  {I am totally copying her easy instructions} you type the following in your web browser, then add your blog address info.

My example would be: 

Sooo...of course I did it, not to think there would be a single thing on there, but there was! & the comments made me smile so giddy.  Like, really, really giddy.  As designers, creators, bla bla bla, we work so hard to make something, then take the hour or so to "blog about it," & here our stuff is really out there?

So here is mine....

then I thought, why not search some other people....
Yup, she has been "pinned" too 

& then my girl, Emily's pumpkin is ALL OVER Pinterest...

So, just when you think your "blogging" is only getting noticed by your parents, Facebook friends, etc., do continue to believe in yourself-----because you are getting "Pinnned" baby! 


  1. Go Kate :) ....... Proud momma

  2. Pinterest is way too much fun! Congrats on being penned, love the wreath =)

    xox Linda