Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Decor Par 2: DIY w Kids Halloween Banner

Well, if anyone knows me, they would assume my fireplace banner would be cute little triangle or circle fabrics stitched up with biased tape to match so pretty.  However, this year, I opted to let Avery do most of the work because she loves "decorating."

Supplies Needed:
1) Cardboard
2) Traceable images {or just a good sketch hand}
   a) With a pencil, trace your images on cardboard and cut out carefully
3) Scissors
4) a variety of acrylic paints
5) Felt
6) Hot Glue/glue gun
7) Clothes Line
8) Clothes pins
9) Patience :)

Thanks to Avery's Micky for her handmade art smock--she remembers to wear it anytime we do art.  :)

& it doesn't hurt that she is obsessed with Halloween.  She knew every image she wanted! 
PS this was umber cheep-o!

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  1. This is so cute and creative, sis. I have never seen anything like this! Tell Avery her Aunt Mandie is very proud of her creativity! How fun :) You rock, Momma!

  2. Thanks Sis! I sorta made it all up with things I had around the house :) It was actually a fun time :) Avery loves painting so it worked out good :)

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