Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pass*It*Forward; Card 4

I had a work meeting at the State Office building on Monday.  Unfortunately, the Air Conditioning was out.  I arrived early so went to the bathroom.  There was the nicest lady janitor just working away and sweating just as hard.  I only had $2 on me, but grabbed it and a card and said, "You are working so hard and look hot, go grab yourself a cold drink.  Can you even get a drink for $2 these days, but its all I got."  She laughed and was so sweet & appreciative. 
{this was a fun one}. 

Now, let me explain a little something thats on my mind....
My mom reminded me that you are supposed to do Random Acts of Kindness and not show it off b/c that defeats the purpose {I guess b/c I post pics on FB and do these blog posts}.  While I understand and know what my mother means {and agree}, I am doing this because I want to document it, link up to the Pass It Forward blog and hopefully inspire others to order cards.  {ordering cards also helps the shine scholarship project}. 

& one other cute story that relates.  
I have been trying to explain to Avery what Random Acts of Kindness are & Passing it Forward, etc.  
Yesterday when I picked her up from school, she handed her friend her stuffed animal pug she calls Speedo {our family dog pug name} and said, "Here, you can take Speedo tonight, take good care of her."  Her friend was super excited. 
I was so proud of Avery for doing that & when we were in the car, she said, "Mom, when I gave Ciara Speedo to have for one night, was that one of those kindness things you were talking about?"  {It sure was, baby}. love. her.


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  1. love, love, love this sweet idea. just ordered some cards tonight -- thanks for motivating me to get on board with this idea. i totally agree that tiny things can changes people's days -- yay!