Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012 {pic heavy}

In a wrap, we were lucky enough to join Emily's Easter Party Thursday night, followed by a trip to Salisbury, NC with my parents, beautiful niece Madison, brother-in-law Matt, and the very talented little sister, Mandie. 

Here it all is...in photos.
Thanks for all my sweet blessings out there :)
A&L @ Emily's party

The following photos are compliments of Millie Morgan Media: 

Papa Mark {my dad is totally pumped for his Easter egg hunt}

Madison amazed at whats inside her egg....

Avery breaking for a pic...

taking in the moment...

first jelly bean experience...

Waiting to find baskets from the Easter bunny...ready, set, go! 
that a boy...
that a girl...
that a Mad after the hardest hunt ever..

mommy & daddy Chalk Art ;) 

Go Avery & Madison! 

BIke ride with daddy on YaYa's cool bike...

Anderson's cute chalk butt & Madison's awesome Easter bunny: 
& pure love, what its all about: 

I hope everyone had a blessed, fun, and lovely Easter weekend like we did. 


  1. Great post! I was overwhelmed by all of the photos I took, I am doing a two part post. Had a great weekend with you sis, love you!

  2. Beautiful pics :) Love the "waiting to snag easter baskets" one in the jammies!