Saturday, July 16, 2011

Honeymoon Phase?

I thought being a stay-at-home (SAHM for those who like acronyms) would be like this everyday.
Yes, it has those moments, but so far, this is so good. Yeah, yeah, I think the honeymooon phase will pass. It doesn't hurt that its summer & I keep us busy with lots of activities.

My babies are happy.
I am more laid-back,
I love that I can just 'play' and not have a million other things on my mind.

I have been able to be creative in new ways.
LOVE my new kitchen curtains; in the process of re-doing my kitchen so stay tuned.

& who doesn't love summer foods?

& Hazel's dressings on just about anything I eat?

I am blessed,
less stressed & really taking in every moment.


  1. Glad you're enjoying it thus far! Sounds great!

    Here's my blog if you want to "follow" me; I added you to mine.

  2. Sheena!!!! Ahhh! Yeah I will be adding you! Thanks--I am loving it so far. It has its "Im gunna pull my hair out moments, but what part of any life doesnt?" I'll see you on Monday--stopping by with Ainsley's order & Lauren's towels from the pool today :) I'll be there around 10ish :)

  3. You're doing amazing Katie K. -- I love coming home to you and seeing your smiles, seeing Avery in such a good mood, and finding Anderson in such happy spirits. I like the change -- and I love you. :)