Sunday, May 13, 2012

dear neglected blog

I'm too tired to explain the many reasons you have been neglected since 4/20/12.
{& its too depressing & not fair to share with you all}.

All I got are some quick happy pics during this neglectful time.
Do any of you even read this? {ha} 


  1. Bah; of course we read your blog -- and we miss you. That said, everyone understands that "life happens" -- and it takes a bigger person to put things like blogs on hold to actually live life; instead of typing about it...

    We love ya; and one day - maybe soon, may later - you'll feel that inspiration again and more; and at that point - you can blog your little heart out. The interwebs aren't going anywhere...

    We love ya - especially those two little crazies up in the tub right now...and I sure do too